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SXSW a whole bunch of SXSW including: A Place to Bury Strangers

I'm just going to dump all the SXSW 2018 into this one post.

Favorite show was A Place to Bury Strangers. We actually saw them twice. I took the whole family along for the second show. #1 Son complained "live music is SOOO boring". I made him a deal, just watch this one band, and I'll take you home.

a place to bury strangers sxsw 2018 bass


They came out and assaulted their instruments. The punishment is real. Note the bass player has also damaged his knee in the exchange.

a place to bury strangers sxsw 2018 whole foods 


I believe this was their last show of sxsw 2018. The guitar player was down to ONE LAST GUITAR. The pic above was near the end of the set. You can see they are happy, and this was sort of a cue to go ahead and start busting up the guitar, one last time (guitar destruction video below). There was also a point where the bass player did a roundhouse kick and his water bottle went flying, right into the face of the guy standing next to me. He was a good sport about it. He was shooting video on his iPhone when it happened, I hope he posts it.

a place to bury strangers sxsw whole foods 2018 

#1 son could not say it was a boring show.  


wye oak sxsw 2018 blackheart 

Wye Oak

la luz she shreds party sahara lounge sxsw 2018 

The She Shreds show was relocated to the Sahara Lounge and it was PACKED! I was there to see La Luz.

lizzo sxsw 2018 


lizzo at sxsw 2018


I didn't try to see as many shows as possible this year. I came home when my wife said it was time to come home. I'm mostly thankful to spend time with family and friends, as seen below.

mashable house sxsw 2018 

mahable vr humple pie sxsw 2018 

tech party at sxsw 2018 

vox media sxsw 2018 

stranger things sxsw schwinn mike's bike  

sxsw 2018 christopher moore and paul schuster 



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