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Ellsworth Kelly: Austin – Austin's Blanton Museum of Art

This week is never easy, school resumes, the hardship of the time change sets in, a few days of detox to endure, a week spent with friends from out of town comes to an end. I received a text this weekend "I miss you *guys" ( I did clean up the language to keep the blog somewhat family friendly).

This weekend was a chance to visit the latest addition to the Blanton Museum of Art by Ellsworth Kelly.

Ellsworth Kelly Austin Blanton UT 

ellsworth kelly austin 

ellsworth kelly blanton block party 2018 

ellsworth kelly chapel blanton austin 

Blanton had a block party to celebrate the opening.  

blanton block party 2018 

We probably could've scheduled our day differently to see Bright Light Social Hour at the block party.  That would've run into night, and sometimes things just don't work out to do it all.  

urban hike and bike trail austin shoal creek 

We did find time to get the bikes out and explore an urban trail that had managed to escape us for the past dozen years. The trail runs directly across the street from Kat's office building. The Shoal Creek Trail is a nice mixture of paved park path and gravel trail that might have you convinced you were deep into Hill Country.

Patrick Dougherty stick art austin pease park 

The trail runs through Pease Park. This gave us the opportunity to see the latest stick-art installation by Patrick Dougherty.

Our weekend was cut short. Kat had to deal with an emergency at work and spent most of her time glued to her laptop. I binge watched Trailer Park Boys and pulled weeds in the yard.  

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