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A daytrip to Sweetwater, a DELOS Destination Westworld

We put in the big effort and camped out in the standby line for the Westworld SXSW trip to Sweetwater. 

westworld bespoke weapons

Kat identifies as White Hat.  

kat identifies white hat at westworld sxsw

westworld sxsw hbo 

traincar to sweewater sxsw westworld 


slutty android at westworld sxsw  

sxsw westworld hbo sexy android  

You just know I had to get on the android woman.  

sexy bar girl sweetwaer westworld android woman 

Kat's favorite android was Harper (seen below). Harper was curious about the symbol on my jacket

H: what does that there mean?

Me: THAT is the symbol for the Empire

H: I never heard of the Empire. What sort of thing is that?

Me: Oh, they were some real cocksuckers. You don't want to get involved with them

H: COCKSUCKER? Well I've never heard of such a word. Is that something you picked up in the Mariposa Saloon? Tell me more about these Empire Cocksuckers

Me: They built the Deathstar. It could destroy a whole planet

H: DEATHSTAR!? I've seen stars at night over Sweetwater, I sure hope none of them is a Deathstar! (squints at the sky scanning for signs of deathstars as seen below).

sxsw westworld sweetwater harper looks for the deathstar 

Harper went on to tell us to visit his Mom, Josephine. She owns the restaurant where we were treated to a tin of warm beans, beef jerky and live music.  


We also visited the portrait gallery, the bank, the Post Office. 

post office mail sxsw westworld austin sweetwater 

We each had mail addressed to us in the Post Office. My envelope contained a rambling threat letter addressed to me, complete with a smudge of blood.  

sxsw westworld austin 

There were several story lines that could be explored by interacting with the androids. Kat was not comfortable speaking to strangers, even android ones. The drama and action got heated after a while. There were accusations, and a lot of emotions spilling out from those western styled robots.

android gunplay as sweetwater westworld sxsw 2018 hbo austin 

When a couple of androids pulled their gun, Kat took off. "I run from confrontation, real or not" she said. We started making our way out of Sweetwater during the big gunfight. We loaded our shuttle and returned to "Old Austin".  

I did get some video of these would be bank robbers arguing amongst themselves. The wind noise is a bit much, but you get the idea of all the cussing and anger they were indulging in.  

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