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BMW Dump Truck and some Mettle portraiture.

Kat and I had the car detailed on Sunday. It really looked brand new. Then Monday came and I used it to haul the scrap metal to the recycler.

bmw x5 work vehicle dump truck tow 

I left with cash money for my effort. I have one more trailer load to haul this week.

swim spa removal 

All the steel panels are gone. I've begun bagging up all the bits of foam and detritus. I'm not certain what to do with the large hydraulic fan unit, and the huge hydraulic electric motor in the garage. These items must have some second use value to somebody.


texas wine tasting at mattie's greener pastures

We attended a wine tasting event that featured 100% Texas sourced grapes. I'd been skeptical of Texas wines based on our experiences when we first moved here, from California. I will admit the Texas wine industry has greatly improved.  

trillium mettle dipa sunset  

I still enjoy portraiture. Kat enjoys her privacy. The kids are either busy gaming, or generally annoyed if I aim a camera at them. This Mettle Double IPA from Trillium exhibited great patience as I took pic, after pic, till I got the exposure right where I wanted it.  

trillium brewing boston mettle dipa 

THIS... is a world class beer for sure.  

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