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XR Sauce, Roasted Chiltepin Pepper Sauce

I have just learned that our wild pepper plants are not Pequin, but are Chiltepin Peppers that are often mistaken for Pequin, those being more elongated and slightly larger.

We have multiple bushes that grow and spread wild. More peppers than we can harvest. It's a time consuming process. Kat has devoted chunks of time to gathering them from the bushes.

chiltepin not pequin peppers austin 78746 tx 

After the harvest, they get rinsed and cleaned from any debris. Then they typically set out to dry of excess moisture before I process and prep for aging. We had all contributed and there was a rather large amount of peppers. We spread them out on a sheet pan to dry, and placed that sheet pan into the oven to free up counter space. Of course, I forgot it was in there the next day, and went to preheat the oven. #1 son was the first to notice, "whatever you're cooking sure is spicy!" Soon we were all coughing and noticing the discomfort of the chili smoke now billowing from the oven. My face and nostrils burned all night after that exposure.

We managed to save most of them. Some were burnt beyond salvage but most were not completely burnt. From this accident, XR sauce was born. R denotes ROASTED.

chiltepin pepper sauce pequin austin texas 

We noticed this batch features a beautiful garnet color when settled. Slightly darker than the usual X Sauce we make.  

xr sauce austin modhouse  

roasted pepper sauce xr 

It's pretty good. We might even roast some on purpose, or maybe even roast them in the smoker, XRS sauce? 

xr sauce austin texas west lake hills tx spicy 

That lovely ruby color did return after the sauce settled.  

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