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Iced in, Austin 1-16-208

The whole city is pretty much shut down at the moment. It was 25F when we woke up and it started to sleet, Schools are closed and people are urged to stay off the roads.

icicles austin 2018 78746

We have actual icicles on our house here in Westlake.

ice and sleet austin texas westlake 78746 2018  

sleet and ice austin west lake hills tx 

Did I ever show you the finished green deck space? Well, it's too cold and frozen to use today. Remind me to show you at a later date if you can't stop by for a glass of wine when the weather warms up. You can see the layer of sleet and ice on the decking. Ferns up there are dead from the freeze we had earlier this year while we were in VT.

Hooter doesn't seem to care. He just sits there peering out of his Owl Box, watching the yard like it was any other day.  

Hooter in his Owlbox not caring about the sleet

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