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The New Austin Library and the Death Door

We made a trip to visit the New Austin Library. It's been years in the making of this new location.

Austin Library Technology Petting Zoo 

Kat was very excited about the Technology Petting Zoo and 3D printer.  

austin library teen area computer check out station 

The teen area has computers for teens to checkout and numerous areas for lounging (13-18 year old only). 

austin library rooftop reading porch 

The rooftop reading porch is wonderful. 


construction cranes of downtown austin 

Cranes, and more cranes for building up, and up.  

There has been quite a buzz regarding the "Death Door" at the new Library. 

austin library stairs and death doors

See that door to nowhere about four floors up? 

austin library death door 

There, see it now?  

death door austin library 

You don't want to step through that door. It'd be a one way trip with no return.  


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