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Vermont Winter, shoveling and sledding

hardwick rochester house vermont 

The flight from BWI to Manchester NH is less than an hour. We drove from NH to VT. We went to check our Vermont home in the winter. It was -21F the morning after we arrived (twenty one degrees below zero!). The kids stayed in and played Nintendo Switch. The house was very warm and cozy. We were thankful to be so comfortable. 

When it warmed up to positive temps... 

fisher covered bridge wolcott vt jan 2018 snow

Fisher Covered Bridge

fisher covered bridge Wolcott Vermont winter snow 

We went to Marshall Hill in Stowe for sledding. 

marshall hill stowe vermont sled run 


stowe vermont winter jan 2018

The building at the bottom of the hill is an Elementary school. The children were out playing in the snow for recess when we arrived. You wouldn't see that in Austin. School would've been canceled and they have indoor recess if it were cold out. It was like 5 degrees out and they still have recess in VT.  

sledding marshall hill stowe vt


The boys were so inspired, they created a sled run in the back yard of our home in Hardwick. 

sled run making machines hardwick vt 


back yard sled run hardwick vt 

It was so great to see them cooperating, and laughing together. Their usual language of "YOU SUCK!, Your FACE!, You smell, STOP IT!!" seemed so distant. This moment here made the whole winter trip worth while.  

sled dude hardwick vt 

asian snow bunny of hardwick vermont

Kat spent over two hours shoveling the driveway.. She claims to not like cold weather. Yet she has an undeniable smile all the while.

vermont 15 in winter jan 2018 at night 

The road conditions were not the best. Especially at night. We mostly stayed in Hardwick after the sun went down.  

hardwick rochester house vermont 

downtown hardwick suspended bridge in the snow jan 2018 winter 

We did find time to stop at a few breweries and meet up with a friend for a beer.

burlington beer co vermont brewery


hill farmstead vermong jan 2018 mosaic citra ipa 

Hill Farmstead is just up the road from us. Their Citra IPA is on the left, and Mosaic on the right.  

prohibition pig double bantam ipa twins 

Prohibition Pig 

prohibition pig double ipa bantam  

Red Barn Brewing Danville Vermont VT jan 2018 

Red Barn Brewing is near our place in Danville 

red barn brewing danville vt near joe's pond keiser pond 

vermont technology at red barn brewing  

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