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Fell's Point, Hampden and Frederick, a brief Maryland visit.

fell's point christmas tree snow winter 2017/18

We made a day trip up to Baltimore to visit a few landmarks. Fell's Point was a winter wonderland, The boys had so much fun clobbering each other with snowballs.  

fell's point snowball fight pier fells pt 

snow ball fell's point baltimore maryland harbor 

fell's oint winter snowball fight baltimore md 21231  

paul schuster metal sculpural handrail 3341 falls road baltimore md hampden

The sculptural handrail at the home we renovated in Hampden still stands. It's out of service since they replaced the stairs with some that were at a more reasonable angle. I'm always glad that nobody has removed the metal rods that I twisted to serve as a handrail the short time we lived there. Mostly, they are for looking at, no longer "functional art". Well, I did use them one more time to get up those crazy steep stairs for this pic.

paul schuster artist baltimore hampden handrail metal falls road 

3341 falls road baltimore md hampden handrail 

The pic above is from 2000, when it was new. Our 1974 Volvo 164E can be seen at the street level.  


Butcher's Hill 1999, and 2017, she's still my baby.  


and we made time to meet up with friends in Baltimore and Frederick.

baltimore mobtown bowman 

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