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Quick trip to DC, to water the plants

Po Po (Chinese Grandma) asked if we would have a chance to water her plants over the winter break. We obliged and the five of us went to DC area to water her plants. We were also tasked with starting the car (I also bought a battery tender to keep it charged) and we started her gas range. Mission accomplished, we did some sightseeing while we were there.

dc metro gallery place

We took the Metro.  

gallery place dc metro stop 

Enjoyed lunch at Rasika, at the chef's table.  

chef's table rasika dc indian   

smihsonian american portraig gallery dc 

Spent the day at the Smithsonian American Art/Portrait Gallery. 

smithsonian dc art american 

Notice #2 son doesn't have a jacket. He did lose his brand new jacket in the art museum. We were lucky to find it. It's a constant struggle replacing his water bottles, lunch boxes, back packs, jackets, hats and gloves.

smithsonian art dc 

smithsonian american art dc 

Kat is happy that we found the jacket. It's a big building and it wasn't until we were leaving that she noticed it was missing.  

churchkey dc craft beer  

Kat and I also made time to meet up with friends at Churchkey. If you are a craft beer fan that has been bitten by the hazy and juicy NEIPA craze, those offerings from The Veil and Aslin are nothing short of amazing. Both are available at Churckey.

aslin and the veil dc area nova craft beer neipa 

If you're not familiar with this style of beer, you may find yourself asking "is that orange juice?'. It's beer, but it has a low bitterness yet featuring new varieties of hops and yeast strains that give off a floral and citrus qualities. Hazy juice bomb beer for sure. These beers have to be consumed fresh. Those hazy hop proteins start to clump after a few weeks and the flavor falls off. Get it while you can! 

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