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December 27, 2017

Happy Kids for Christmas 2017

It was a beautiful Christmas day here in Austin TX.

christmas in texas  

happy kids for christmas 

This is how they smile when they get exactly what they want in the first present they open. They didn't have to open a dozen disappointing boxes of socks and slippers to strike gold. They were in much better and thankful moods when they did open boxes with clothing knowing their wishes had come true.

hand me down pajamas  

two hoodie christmas austin 2017 

He didn't mind that he got two hoodies for Christmas 2017. He was a good sport back in 2016 when he received hoodie, after hoodie... until he had five (pic below from 2016)

hoodie christmas 2016 

Christmas 2017 will be remembered by me as the year we ate TOO MUCH! We had a series of Christmas dinners that seemed to flow from one straight into the next. 

I always left room for Grandma Schuster's Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies.

grandma schuster date pinwheel cookie 

(pic above is before we realized parchment paper or the silicon baking mat was the way do it) 

December 24, 2017

Christmas 2017

christmas 2017


December 18, 2017

Lunches with the Daughter

The daughter has completed her first semester of College. Twice a week I picked her up and took her to lunch between classes. The goal was to eat someplace different each lunch.

sala and betty austin  

I treated her to a nice lunch, including dessert before she took her Calculus final exam.  

Quiet Company Holiday House Show 2017 (#6)

This was our sixth year hosting the Quiet Company Christmas Party. This is also the week that I am prompted to refinish the floors each year. The two events are related. The floors looked good, the band sounded good. Many of the same people attend each year. It's become a tradition for many of us.


quiet company from austin texas house show 

quiet company austin holiday house party christmas 

The White Elephant portion of the party is an event in itself. 

quiet company white elephant party  

so many gifts, both gems and duds. So much stealing. 

kill me elmo quiet company paul osbon gift exchange  

#2 son managed to walk away with one of the more sought after items, Kill-me Elmo, 

quiet company girlfriend kit 

This lucky guy went home with a Girlfriend Kit: 1 jigger Tito's, 1 jigger Ruby Red GF (texas grape fruit available nov-march), and soda water  

paul osbon quiet company band austin texas gift 

The baby-penguin hybrid was also a popular gift this year.



Christmas is here again...

We have an early Christmas with my Mom before she heads north to Nebraska to be with my Sister for the Holidays.  


He is doing a good job of faking the enthusiasm. He picked his gift out himself after my Mom's cat destroyed his headphones. His sister is not convinced.  

christmas loppers 

I was helping my Mom with a landscaping chore at her HOA. She mentioned "I sure am going to miss these loppers when Leah (friend/neighbor) moves away”. I noticed a bar code on the loppers, scanned with amazon app, "buy it now" was a one button click and Christmas lopper shopping was done. Some things are too easy in this age of smart devices.  Now she doesn't need to worry about being without Leah's loppers.

#1 son was featured on piano with the Westlake High School Orchestra.  

westlake high school austin tx eanes 78746 orchestra 

The stress of the performance created unnecessary drama around the house. But he sounded good when the performance time came around.  

December 11, 2017

Kat's day

Kat enjoyed her birthday this year. The weather was near perfect. She chose a lunch at Rudy's,

rudy's brisket westlake texas 

a stroll through the Umlauf Sculpture garden,

umlauf austin winter 2017 

charles umlauf austin 

austin modhouse tree trimming party 

She and I trimmed the tree, we went Christmas Shopping and met my mom and the kids at Plucker's for dinner (kat loves chicken wings) and everybody had a lovely time. A person couldn't ask for a better birthday.  



Big Snow of 2017 Austin, TX

snow in austin west lake hills 78746

It started to snow and all of the sudden kids WANT their picture taken... who knew? 


snow in austin 2017 

snow in austin texas 


The younger boys made snowballs and had great fun with them. 

snow in austin texas 2017 


snowball fight austin texas tx 




Nobody thought the snow would stick, or amount to anything. But there it was... snow on the ground. And they cancelled school for the next day.

snow on the agave austin texas 

snowman austin 2017 

#2 son even made a tiny snowman.

with school canceled... we may have stayed up later, enjoying ourselves around the dinner table....


christopher moore artist new orleans louisiana 


yep, no way anybody could have taken their kids to school with all this beauty.



December 04, 2017

Fall Colors in the Texas Hill Country at Lost Maples Campground

december 2017 camping trip lost maples fall colors texas


texas fall colors lost maples camping 

The park rangers assured us that we missed most of the Fall colors this year, this was the most we've seen camping here. Sites are hard to secure during peak color season.  We were happy with the color we saw.



lost maples camping texas hill country fall 2017 


lost maples vanderpool texas hill country camp 



We typically do two hikes at Lost Maples, one before lunch, and one after. The boys led the way this year, and took us OVER the mountain at the end of the morning hike. That connected to the back of the trail we usually do in the afternoon. By the time we made it back to camp, we'd done it all. The views from the top were quite spectacular.  


lost maples texas  

mystic canyon  


The kids all had so much fun.  


vintage airstream camp lost maples texas hill country