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Quiet Company Holiday House Show 2017 (#6)

This was our sixth year hosting the Quiet Company Christmas Party. This is also the week that I am prompted to refinish the floors each year. The two events are related. The floors looked good, the band sounded good. Many of the same people attend each year. It's become a tradition for many of us.


quiet company from austin texas house show 

quiet company austin holiday house party christmas 

The White Elephant portion of the party is an event in itself. 

quiet company white elephant party  

so many gifts, both gems and duds. So much stealing. 

kill me elmo quiet company paul osbon gift exchange  

#2 son managed to walk away with one of the more sought after items, Kill-me Elmo, 

quiet company girlfriend kit 

This lucky guy went home with a Girlfriend Kit: 1 jigger Tito's, 1 jigger Ruby Red GF (texas grape fruit available nov-march), and soda water  

paul osbon quiet company band austin texas gift 

The baby-penguin hybrid was also a popular gift this year.



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