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Christmas is here again...

We have an early Christmas with my Mom before she heads north to Nebraska to be with my Sister for the Holidays.  


He is doing a good job of faking the enthusiasm. He picked his gift out himself after my Mom's cat destroyed his headphones. His sister is not convinced.  

christmas loppers 

I was helping my Mom with a landscaping chore at her HOA. She mentioned "I sure am going to miss these loppers when Leah (friend/neighbor) moves away”. I noticed a bar code on the loppers, scanned with amazon app, "buy it now" was a one button click and Christmas lopper shopping was done. Some things are too easy in this age of smart devices.  Now she doesn't need to worry about being without Leah's loppers.

#1 son was featured on piano with the Westlake High School Orchestra.  

westlake high school austin tx eanes 78746 orchestra 

The stress of the performance created unnecessary drama around the house. But he sounded good when the performance time came around.  

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