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Fall Colors in the Texas Hill Country at Lost Maples Campground

december 2017 camping trip lost maples fall colors texas


texas fall colors lost maples camping 

The park rangers assured us that we missed most of the Fall colors this year, this was the most we've seen camping here. Sites are hard to secure during peak color season.  We were happy with the color we saw.



lost maples camping texas hill country fall 2017 


lost maples vanderpool texas hill country camp 



We typically do two hikes at Lost Maples, one before lunch, and one after. The boys led the way this year, and took us OVER the mountain at the end of the morning hike. That connected to the back of the trail we usually do in the afternoon. By the time we made it back to camp, we'd done it all. The views from the top were quite spectacular.  


lost maples texas  

mystic canyon  


The kids all had so much fun.  


vintage airstream camp lost maples texas hill country 

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