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The heat is gone... Sculpture class has concluded.

I'm still working on landscaping when I can find an hour or two. The view of the new area from the back balcony:

plate steel planter box palo verde 


My metal sculpture class at the art school has concluded. This is what I walked away with:

paul schuster sculptor art metal sculpture 

It's mostly complete. I need to mount it and consider illumination.  

metal art sclulpture paul schuster austin texas 

owl reach box austin westlake hooter 

Hooter is still with us.

The scraggly mesquite tree we planted on June of 2014 is now a beautiful shade tree with a nice canopy.  

retama and mesquite west lake hills 78746 

The retama (right side) struggled for a few years but is now growing in nicely.  

I had the family sit down for a quick picture together... it's not the best, but I had to work quickly as everybody had something else they wanted to get back to.

schuster family austin  



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