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Stick and Twig, Chores are Rewards...

There has been some discussion requesting allowance from the kids (#1 son mostly). This has prompted a discussion on chores. We don't want to just hand over money. There should some effort/reward correlation.

As this is the time of year where we do a lot of outdoor work, landscaping and tree trimming, piles of sticks and twigs accumulate. I made a little rhyme I sing as we work, or mention work at the breakfast table.

stick and twig song 

#2 son has a talent for being over dramatic. When he hears my Stick and Twig song, he covers his ears and runs off in a panic as if it causes him physical pain. The piles are mostly gone and the stick and twig season is nearly behind us.


For years we had this house, on an acre of land. There was nothing more than the house. Now we have been making use of the land, terracing, landscaping, clearing the weed trees and scrubby invasive plants. We now have a series of clearings and paths that lead to more areas. The idea is to be able to go for a walk and have surprises around a few corners, into the woods.  


Then there is the old swim-spa.... We decommissioned it couple years back. Now is the time to remove it.  

swim spa deconstruction riverpool 

The removal of this pool is a larger job than I had anticipated. The River Pool was assembled first, then the concrete was installed around it. 2018 should be a big year for changes around here.   

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