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Palm trees can stay in Miami. Give me Mesquite and Retama...

A couple years back, we found some beautiful Queen Palms at the big box discount club store. They were cheap too! It was a lot of work digging the holes, and they survived one winter... but not the 2nd.

dead queen palm austin

It was a LOT of work digging them out too! A few hours with my pick axe.

mequite tree austin

While I had empty holes in the yard, we bought some Mesquite and Retama trees to fill them.

retama tree austin green trunk

deconstructed sushi spicy tuna

I was making spicy tuna rolls a few weeks back and my sushi skill was a bit rusty. They just didn't turn out well. I remembered a local sushi place that crams Spicy Tuna Roll ingredients into a bamboo cylinder, presses them out on your plate into a stack, and then mixes it all up. It was fun to watch, and required NO rolling of the sushi. And that is sort of how we are doing it at home, no rolling. I arranged the ingredients on the plate, then mix it all up before eating.

deconstructed spicy tuna roll

I added some "X sauce" to make it even spicier. That may look like Sriracha sauce, but that's the sauce I made from the pequin peppers we harvested from the back yard and fermented for 6 months. SPICY and GOOD!

louisiana hot sauce on popcorn

#2 son still prefers "jucka-jucka sauce" (louisiana hot sauce). He can't eat popcorn without it.

watermelon cocktail

Enjoying watermelon cocktails with some friends.

juniper tree austin

Kat fell in love with this Juniper tree. Although not native to the area, we agreed to try and make it work. It makes a nice potted plant for outside the Airstream.

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