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Lyft launch party

lyft austin pink mustache launch party ride sharing

Lyft  has launched in Austin. We desperatley need new/more transportation options. Austin is growing faster than infrastructure can adapt.

lyft austin party at bungalow on rainey

The launch party was at Bungalow on Rainey St. They have a good beer selection available to us.

chocolate covered bacon

We also enjoyed a good meal of tacos, cupcakes and chocolate covered bacon.

rio rooftop austin w 6th

Then we made our way to a pool party at RIO. But only about 8 people showed up, our group was 4 of that. We enjoyed some cocktails by the pool and played selfie photo booth to occupy ourselves.

selfies at rio rooftop lounge pool

rio rooftop pool

french 76 at tapasitas

It was hot at RIO so we ducked into Tapasitas on the way home. We enjoyed some ice cold oysters.

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