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Back deck, was supposed to be green... is again

 We had many big ideas when we built this home, some worked and some didn't work so well.

A house needs to be maintained. This one is now over ten years old and we are revisiting to, maintain or redo a few areas. I always have a few projects going on at once. My attention has mostly been on the outdoors and landscaping in the past year. Now, I have a project that blends house and outdoors, the old "Green Deck".

There is a large second floor deck off the kids wing. It was supposed to be a green roof, with dirt and grass. That idea didn't pan out so we put a deck up there with dirt and ground cover around it.

green deck austin  

(pic above is from April 2008) 

That didn't work either.  

We removed all the dirt and green roof materials, had the deck re-roofed and just left it. 

green roof material for sale austin 

(pic above is from 2011 when we removed all the green roof, dirt, plants etc.) 

Nobody has really used that area. We are attempting to load Green Deck 3.0


We bought new outdoor seating and I made tables to match.  

artificial grass turf

While I've always held contempt for fake plastic plants. I find myself displaying some flexibility on "artificial turf" grass.

west lake hills artificial grass turf 

Let's think of it more like a green outdoor carpet.

artificial roof grass westlake austin 

It's not done. It's a work in progress. I'll admit it looks nicer.



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