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I'm a Master Trapper, rewarded at Zilker with "Mosaic Powder"

While I was away in VT, the Mastermind (local raccoon boss) discovered our pet door. Kat was NOT amused to find herself involved in a territory dispute with the Mastermind inside our pantry. The Mastermind has been able to escape/break a couple of the cheaper traps. I've invested in the "professional" model. Our cats have quickly learned to grab a seat and wait to see what comes by looking for an easy meal. So far, two opossum, one friendly skunk, and a raccoon.

cat and raccoon 

raccoon west lake hills mastermind #mastermind 

We have anxiously been waiting for the city to finish the bike trail bridge over 360 near Mopac. It's now open and we made a plan to go ride it. The problem (for Kat) is that the trail skirts MOPAC (major highway). She was UNHAPPY as she was expecting something that resembles the rural trails we ride on in Vermont. Austin is now a densely populated metropolis, the 11th largest city in the US. The entire population of the State of Vermont is significantly less than the City of Austin. "Happy wife, Happy life" is a real thing. I quickly adjusted the plan. #1 son and I rode back so I could get the car and go get the rest of the family so they do not have to ride near speeding cars. From there we satisfied our thirst and hunger at Zilker Brewing Co and Hot Mess (food truck parked there). Everybody was happy again.  

zilker brewing happy wife happy life #zilkerbrewing 

They had an IPA there made from Mosaic (lupulin) powder and "Barbarian" yeast. This yeast has purported origins from a famed Vermont brewery and recommended for Heady Topper clone beers... It was really good. I've decided I can't really complain about the local brewing scene here if I don't make an effort to keep up with the contributors. I can recommend Zilker Brewing Co if they keep this up.


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