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March 30, 2015

NMO, Brady Blade with Anders Osborne and the North Mississippi Allstars

Our friend Brady Blade was passing through town with The North Mississippi Allstars and Anders Osborne as N.M.O.

north mississippi allstars austin tx at the scoot inn

It was a sold out show, Brady was kind enough to put Kat and I on the guest list.  

Brady Blade with the North Mississippi Allstars Scoot Inn Austin 

I've seen many shows this year, but the level of musicianship exhibited at the Scoot Inn that night was impressive.   

north mississippi allstars scoot inn austin tx 2015  


nma at the scoot inn austin tx 

anders osborne with brady blade and the north mississippi allstars scoot inn 

anders osborne scoot inn austin tx march 28 2015 

Magical Fortune Wheel sort of Birthday for #2

#2 son has a very detailed vision of just about everything. He has his birthday party themes planned out for the next few years. For this year, he gave me very detailed instructions to build a "Fortune Wheel". I managed to meet his expectations and his Birthday Party was a success.

john o'bryant magician texas 

I also had John O'Bryant here to entertain the guests. He did a great job, we were all entertained and amazed.

magician john o'bryant birthday show 

john o'bryant magician autin san antonio birthday entertainment 

#2 son is a skeptical by nature. He told me "I know magic isn't real, it's just tricks". John did manage a levitation trick. All the while #2 son is saying, "But I feel SOMETHING IS UNDER ME". We had to show him a picture of the levitation. Don't ruin it kid, you DID levitate and that's the final say.  

john o'bryant birthday party entertainer magician 

magic show john o'bryant texs 

The balloon animal trick was my favorite. We were all amazed.  

john o'bryant austin san antonio tx party magician 


He had been telling the kids in his class about the "Fortune Wheel", and they had told their parents. There was a high level of expectation. Every spin got a prize, either a Minecraft or Puppy plush toy. Everybody got to spin twice, and they all traded so everybody was able to leave with the plush they wanted. His "Fortune Wheel" was a huge success.  

magic birthday candle 

The magic candle was quite a fireworks display, and it was fun to watch. But it didn't whistle Happy Birthday To You as we had expected. The kids were amazed (and maybe a bit afraid) all the same.  

lego birthday  

Legos are always a good fit for kids of this age. He received many.  

pluckers birthday boy 

As family tradition dictates, a celebratory trip to Plucker's was arranged later the same day. He was eager to do a chicken dance for the whole restaurant. 

plucker's birthday flap 

We pulled off a birthday celebration that was up to his standards. I'm not sure we can duplicate this level of successful party planning.


March 27, 2015

SXSW After party...Mad Tiger

To celebrate the end of ten days of constant SXSW parties, there are several Sunday after parties... The Chicken Ranch Records Mad Tiger Festival has evolved into a bit of a kids show. It was a nice sunny day in the park

mother falcon sxsw 2015 mad tiger

Mother Falcon sounded great, as always.

mother falcon sxsw 2015 mad tiger 

Peelander Z mad tiger 

Peelander Z was fun, but they had another show to run off to. They didn't perform many of our favorites, less stunts etc. (no ninja high school!?)

peelander z sxsw 2015 mad tiger 

We closed the weekend with a big sushi meal, and slept like logs...  


SXSW Saturday, final day 3-21-2015

whole foods sxsw with kids

Saturday was rainy... all rain, all day. We chose a VIP covered area party at the Whole Foods rooftop. Took the kids with us.  

whole foods sxsw 2015 kid friendly

whole food sxsw 2015 vip  

the national did not play sxsw  

vip area sxsw quantum collective whole foods sxsw 

With an entire Whole Foods at our disposal... we ate well, and drank a bottle of really good champagne.  When that bottle was done, our friend Darla would call down to the wine dept and have them ready another... this went on for a while. HEY! you got to beat those rainy day blues! 

x ambassadors whole foods sxsw 2015 

We saw several bands at Whole Foods, then we stepped over to Little Woodrow's. Ran into more friends and caught a show by Hey Marseilles

March 26, 2015

SXSW Music Thursday 3-19

That Lagunitas party was good fun... but we managed to get up and out Thursday Morning. A quick restorative lunch at La Condesa and we got in on the VIP list for the UNDER THE RADAR showcase at Flamingo Cantina.

 They'd already run out of all the free Kirin, but that might've been for the best. We had a great spot for the shows and we saw several, Jacco Gardner, SOAK, East India Youth, MEW, Of Montreal


of montreal sxsw under the radar 2015 

Of Montreal above. We closed the evening with dinner, drinks and dancing at the W Hotel. 

dancing at the w austin  

disco gnome at the w hotel austin 

Bird Peterson and my Disco Gnome got the people on their feet, which is sort of amazing at this point because the dogs should be barking by now.  

And while all this was happening... let me tell you about Laura and Lyle... 


Our friend Laura has been coming to SXSW with the hopes to meet Lyle Lovett. She stepped up her game this year, made a T-shirt and set up a twitter account in the hopes of tracking him down. So, there we are, at the W. Then Mark casually mentions, "Weird, I just ran into Lyle Lovett over at the bar" (Mark had no idea Laura was actively seeking him). Then it happened, just like that, her goal was attained.  

laura ross and lyle lovett 

It's true, the man was just right there. He was patient and polite. She was happy, we were all happy. Such happiness. (full disclosure I snagged the previous two pics from Laura's FB)

dj at the w hotel austin 

CMoore and I used Uber to get home, but some guy claiming to be our driver (in a DUNE BUGGY) picked us up, drove us half way home before we realized he had no association with UBER! We had a brief dispute about cash and how much CMoore weighs, but we made it home. Dune Buggy SHOULD'VE tipped us off he wasn't with UBER....


SXSW Music Friday 3-20

We made it out of the house by Noon, got a quick lunch at the MPress Records party. Then another quick lunch at Canada House before making our way to Brooklyn Vegan SXSW party at Red7.

We did not let the rain stop us. 

rain at the brooklyn vegan sxsw party 2015 

side note, SXSW is not a good time to get together with a bunch of different people. I have my list of bands and places to go, and it just doesn't work well with a large group that has no plan, hasn't RSVP'd or wants to get lunch some place in the opposite direction. We left the house with a plan, and we stuck to it.

single mothers at sxsw brooklyn vegan 2015 

I was sure the Single Mothers were going to break themselves. This was old-school hardcore punk. Singer was already missing front teeth and the bass player was drooling all over himself as they threw themselves around... they had more energy than we did. We all soldiered on.

After Single Mothers, we saw The Pianos Become The Teeth, Mac McCaughan and Swervedriver. 

Mac McCaughan superchunk portastatic 

I have long been a fan of SUPERCHUNK and recently fell in love with Portastatic. The highlight of the show was Mac McCaughan  solo show. However, without drums, and in the rain to a half attentive crowd that was probably there to see swervedriver, Mac had an uphill battle. He was polite and smiled as he told us "THANK YOU FOR COMING, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!" Then he closed the set with Slack Motherfucker! It made my day.


After some more snacks at TRACE at the W Hotel, We made our way to the Stereogum Exploding in Sound Party at Hole In The Wall. The bands there were REALLY good, but the volume was too loud and distorted. I hate it when you can't understand the vocals. Baked was great, as was the other band that came on after them...

March 24, 2015

Fantastic Negrito, King Tuff at Lagunitas Brewing Party SXSW

I'll preface it this way, SXSW is not easy. It can be hard. Hard on relationships (friends, family, spouses and girlfriends and pets too), hard on the feet, hard on the ear drums, hard on the liver. But each SXSW morning, we muster the drive to get out there and do it again, because it will not wait for anybody. Lagunitas Brewing laid it out like this "Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint". Then they poured more free beer than I've ever seen in my life.

They also had one of the best acts we saw, Fantastic Negrito (videos inserted at the bottom of this post)

fantastic negrito sxsw lagunitas 

fantastic negrito sxsw lagunitas 

fantastic negrito sxsw 2015 

fantastic negrito sxsw 2015 

lagunitas brewing sxsw container bar couch tripping 

Lagunitas entertained us between sets with all sorts of gymnastics, clowns, burlesque shows... (one of the tamer pictures offered here)

king tuff lagunitas sxsw 

king tuff- from Vermont

lagunitas brewing sxsw king tuff 

Dulce Vida Barreled 3 SXSW 2015

The Barreled party by Dulce Vida is always one of our favorites. It's easy and they treat us really well. It's sort of the party, before the Music portion of SXSW really kicks it up.

Dulce Vida provided food from the best food trucks Austin has to offer, a great assortment of cocktails and beer (twisted X) and great music. The highlight was Michael Martin Murphey playing Wildfire (video at the bottom of the page). 

michael martin murphey wildfire sxsw 2015 dulce vida barreled 3 

troy brown paul schuster shreveport 

We also played in the photo booth. 

troy brown shreveport 

somebody could've told me my shirt collar was all wonky.... 

barreled 3 

barreled 3 dulce vida organic tequila sxsw


March 16, 2015

SXSW Gamer Expo and Day Parties

We took the kids to the SXSW Gaming Expo again this year.

#1 son chose to spend all this time upstairs at the LANfest.

sxsw gaming expo LANfest 2015 

back to the future delorean sxsw gaming expo 

The EXPO floor was crowded with gamers, cosplay types, kids etc. Kat was excited to go Back to the Future with the time traveling Delorean.

We ducked out during the afternoons for SXSW day parties.  

jaguar bffin's lair sxsw 2015 hangar lounge 

Jaguar was buying all the cocktails on the rooftop deck of the Hangar Lounge, renamed Boffin's Lair for the day. They even craned a Jaguar up to the roof for us to look at.  

tripit lounge sxsw 2015 

Tripit Lounge provided a food buffet and cocktails in a Yoga studio.  

combatant gents sxsw 2015 

Combatant Gents had an open bar and menswear for us to consider at a SXSW Fashion event in the new JW Marriot.  



GE BBQ Research Party:

ge bbq research sxsw 2015 

GE gave us free BBQ and Beer while showcasing the science of BBQ 

stiles and switch sxsw bbq ge party 

Pit Master from Stiles Switch operating a regular (non high tech) smoker. 

ge bbq research sxsw party  

spun ice cream sxsw ge bbq liquid nitrogen 

Spun ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. 


Rdio party SXSW 2015

Open bar courtesy of Don Julio and Ketel One

don julio ketel one rdio sxsw 


Bop English (James Petralli of White Denim): 

bop english james petralli of white denim sxsw 


The Twilight Sad

twilight sad sxsw rdio austin

twilight sad rdio sxsw party   


James (singer) had all sort of zombie like movements. 

james of twilight sad scottland sxsw  


San Fermin: 

san fermin sxsw 2015 

san fermin sxsw 2015 

san fermin sxsw 2015 rdio party austin 

san fermin sxsw 2015 rdio 

san fermin sxsw  

san fermin sxsw 2015 rdio 

san fermin sxsw 2015 rdio party 


san fermin sxsw 2015 

san fermin sxsw 2015 rdio party 

Thanks Rdio! 

SXSW 2015 Quiet Company Rdio party

Quiet Company at the Rdio SXSW party:

quiet company sxsw 2015 rdio


rdio party sxsw 2015 Quiet Company  


quiet company band from austin texas sxsw 

taylor muse quiet company sxsw 2015 rdio 


quiet company rdio party sxsw 2015 

taylor muse quiet company sxsw rdio 

rdio sxsw 2015 taylor muse quiet company 

quiet company from austin tx sxsw 2015 

matt parmenter tommy blank quiet company band sxsw 2015 austin 

taylor quiet company sxsw 2015 rdio 


rdio party sxsw quiet company 

rdio party sxsw 2015 quiet company band taylor muse 


quiet company sxsw 2015 rdio 

quiet company sxsw rdio 2015 

Quiet Company have a great catalog of their own songs, but it's always fun to find a classic cover in a live music show. Something that everybody can sing along with, complete with a call and response participation. Great show! 


March 12, 2015

Max- Where the Wild Things Are at the Eanes Fashion Show

They had a fashion show at Eanes. The kids were asked to dress as a book character. #2 son chose Max from Where the Wild Things Are

homemade max where the wild thing are costume fasion show eanes

The costume effort became a collaborative event. My Mother made "the hood" (hat with wolf ears and whiskers) while Kat made the wolf tail, gloves and buttons. I sourced materials (wolf fur) and provided moral support in the form of compliments and encouragement.  

max where the wild things are costume home made eanes fashion show 

He was happy with the results, "It's PERFECT!" he exclaimed. We were all pretty happy with how it came together.   

Then came his turn to walk the red carpet. He was quite energetic and managed some great poses.

I Love To Read Fashion show Eanes

HEY! What happened to the wolf hood (hat)? Somehow it was not on his head... just flopping down his back. 

Eanes I Love To Read Fashion Show Max costume 

Oh well, he was happy.  

eanes fashion show i love to read

Teachers and Principal also joined in on the I Love to Read Fashion Show 

big bad wolf eanes principal

I Love To Read Eanes Fashion Show 2015


March 05, 2015

Turnbull and the Odd Duck

turnbull oakville cabernet at winebelly austin texas 

Our favorite winery is Turnbull. We are members, they occasionally ship us wine. On special occasion (or sometimes just a Tuesday) we open and consume them. I received an invitation from the owner, Zoe, that they were in town hosting a Happy Hour. We did join them at Winebelly.   

winebelly cheese board

The wines were amazing, but we knew that ahead of time. They also provided a cheese and meat board. Kat and I both enjoyed the fried pig ear strips.

Funny, a couple near us was wondering what they were (as the husband chewed). I tried my best to explain "pig ear". "But what's it MADE of?" they responded twice...  Their faces just about fell off as I made it as simple as I could "it's made from PORK! Pigs are pork. This is the EAR part of a pig, fried, cut into strips and marinated".   

turnbull wine peter heitz  

So we picked up a few bottles they were selling there and the Winemaker (Peter) and Owner (Zoe) signed the bottles.   

turnbull wines at winebelly austin 

turnbulle winery oakville, ca at winebelly austin tx 

A cold front had just blown in and that back patio at Winebelly was getting COLD. It was still early so Kat and I took the opportunity to grab a table at Odd Duck.

odd duck egg austin 

Everything we had at Odd Duck was creative and delicious. We started with soft boiled duck egg with broccoli stem puree, mustard seeds and fish roe (shown above).

We also had pretzel sticks stuffed with ham served in mustard béchamel as well as, beef tongue and goat cheese quesadilla.  

fried fish head odd duck austin  

Kat especially liked the giant fried whole fish head. She cracked it open and a plume of steam shot upward (seen below), it was dramatic. I hate getting my hands in my food. The waiter assured us he'd be bringing warm towelettes by and Kat dug right in. She helped supply me with such tender and delicious meat. Without her guidance, this dish would've been wasted on me.  

fish head steam escape odd duck austin  

pigface stuffed naan with curry yougurt at odd duck austin  

Our final selection did not disappoint. Naan stuffed with "pig face" and a curry yogurt sauce.

 So... if I were to recap things I ate that evening, it would go something like this:

Pig Ear

Pig Face

Cow Tongue

Fish Head 

Duck and Fish Eggs 

Oh, and a really stinky blue cheese. 


March 02, 2015

St Philip and the Doc goes Duck Hunting

With #2 son at my Mom's and the daughter off to a birthday party, the three remaining needed a big brunch. We decided to try someplace new, St. Philip.

pretzel bites while waiting for a table at st philips austin

The wait time was 35 minutes at 1:30 pm Sunday. They offered drink service and transfer the tab to your table (LOVE THAT!) and they passed out free Pretzel bites with delicious mustard. You can't properly enjoy a fresh made pretzel without beer so... 

st philip austin draft beer

They have St Arnold's Root Beer on tap along with a great list of our favorites.

st philip austin pizza

Fennell Sausage Pizza and Brisket Hash (below) were both delicious.  

st philip brisket hash austin 

st philip austin soft serve

#1 son enjoyed blueberry soft serve ice cream. We stopped at the bakery on the way out.  

peking duck hunter of west lake hills 78746 

Later that same evening... We celebrated a friend’s successful Peking Duck hunt along with some French Pinot. Then we enjoyed the pastries from St. Philip. Not bad for a Sunday evening! 

st philip bakery pastries austin   

Carnaval Brasileiro 2015

zax pints and plates

We started with family dinner at Zax Pints n Plates, http://www.zaxaustin.com. The food was good and they have a great beer list. I have met the owners of this place a few times. They challenged me to come try their crab cake, said it was free for me if I didn't agree it was better than the one at Eddie V's (where we were at that time). I was anxious to put it to the test, but there was no crab cake on the menu! I guess I shouldn't have waited so long to go back (two years) 

carnaval austin 2015 

Austin Samba School and Drums 

carnaval brasieiro austin 2015 mime 

Yeah, I can't really talk about it, I'm in a box. 

carnaval brasileiro austin  

carnaval brasileiro austin 2015 red angel 

Kat looked great in her red angel attire (can't hardly see it but she has wings on too). 

penny of carnaval brasileiro austin 2015 

Oh, did you think you'd come here to see a bunch of images of half naked people? Well, it's not that sort of site... Well, maybe just a little bit. 

There were plenty of people in their Saturday night least. I only took a few pics this year. 

lion tamer carnaval brasileiro 2015 

carnaval brasileiro 2015 austin dancer 

clown on clown action carnaval brasileiro 2015 

carnaval brasileiro austin 2015 brazil flag  

carnaval brasileiro body painting 2015 austin  

Mostly, it's about those drums. 

austin samba school carnaval brasileiro 2015 

Kat loves to dance along to that Samba drum beat. 


Carnaval Brasileiro Austin 2015 The End