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SXSW Gamer Expo and Day Parties

We took the kids to the SXSW Gaming Expo again this year.

#1 son chose to spend all this time upstairs at the LANfest.

sxsw gaming expo LANfest 2015 

back to the future delorean sxsw gaming expo 

The EXPO floor was crowded with gamers, cosplay types, kids etc. Kat was excited to go Back to the Future with the time traveling Delorean.

We ducked out during the afternoons for SXSW day parties.  

jaguar bffin's lair sxsw 2015 hangar lounge 

Jaguar was buying all the cocktails on the rooftop deck of the Hangar Lounge, renamed Boffin's Lair for the day. They even craned a Jaguar up to the roof for us to look at.  

tripit lounge sxsw 2015 

Tripit Lounge provided a food buffet and cocktails in a Yoga studio.  

combatant gents sxsw 2015 

Combatant Gents had an open bar and menswear for us to consider at a SXSW Fashion event in the new JW Marriot.  



GE BBQ Research Party:

ge bbq research sxsw 2015 

GE gave us free BBQ and Beer while showcasing the science of BBQ 

stiles and switch sxsw bbq ge party 

Pit Master from Stiles Switch operating a regular (non high tech) smoker. 

ge bbq research sxsw party  

spun ice cream sxsw ge bbq liquid nitrogen 

Spun ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. 


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