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SXSW Music Thursday 3-19

That Lagunitas party was good fun... but we managed to get up and out Thursday Morning. A quick restorative lunch at La Condesa and we got in on the VIP list for the UNDER THE RADAR showcase at Flamingo Cantina.

 They'd already run out of all the free Kirin, but that might've been for the best. We had a great spot for the shows and we saw several, Jacco Gardner, SOAK, East India Youth, MEW, Of Montreal


of montreal sxsw under the radar 2015 

Of Montreal above. We closed the evening with dinner, drinks and dancing at the W Hotel. 

dancing at the w austin  

disco gnome at the w hotel austin 

Bird Peterson and my Disco Gnome got the people on their feet, which is sort of amazing at this point because the dogs should be barking by now.  

And while all this was happening... let me tell you about Laura and Lyle... 


Our friend Laura has been coming to SXSW with the hopes to meet Lyle Lovett. She stepped up her game this year, made a T-shirt and set up a twitter account in the hopes of tracking him down. So, there we are, at the W. Then Mark casually mentions, "Weird, I just ran into Lyle Lovett over at the bar" (Mark had no idea Laura was actively seeking him). Then it happened, just like that, her goal was attained.  

laura ross and lyle lovett 

It's true, the man was just right there. He was patient and polite. She was happy, we were all happy. Such happiness. (full disclosure I snagged the previous two pics from Laura's FB)

dj at the w hotel austin 

CMoore and I used Uber to get home, but some guy claiming to be our driver (in a DUNE BUGGY) picked us up, drove us half way home before we realized he had no association with UBER! We had a brief dispute about cash and how much CMoore weighs, but we made it home. Dune Buggy SHOULD'VE tipped us off he wasn't with UBER....


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