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Magical Fortune Wheel sort of Birthday for #2

#2 son has a very detailed vision of just about everything. He has his birthday party themes planned out for the next few years. For this year, he gave me very detailed instructions to build a "Fortune Wheel". I managed to meet his expectations and his Birthday Party was a success.

john o'bryant magician texas 

I also had John O'Bryant here to entertain the guests. He did a great job, we were all entertained and amazed.

magician john o'bryant birthday show 

john o'bryant magician autin san antonio birthday entertainment 

#2 son is a skeptical by nature. He told me "I know magic isn't real, it's just tricks". John did manage a levitation trick. All the while #2 son is saying, "But I feel SOMETHING IS UNDER ME". We had to show him a picture of the levitation. Don't ruin it kid, you DID levitate and that's the final say.  

john o'bryant birthday party entertainer magician 

magic show john o'bryant texs 

The balloon animal trick was my favorite. We were all amazed.  

john o'bryant austin san antonio tx party magician 


He had been telling the kids in his class about the "Fortune Wheel", and they had told their parents. There was a high level of expectation. Every spin got a prize, either a Minecraft or Puppy plush toy. Everybody got to spin twice, and they all traded so everybody was able to leave with the plush they wanted. His "Fortune Wheel" was a huge success.  

magic birthday candle 

The magic candle was quite a fireworks display, and it was fun to watch. But it didn't whistle Happy Birthday To You as we had expected. The kids were amazed (and maybe a bit afraid) all the same.  

lego birthday  

Legos are always a good fit for kids of this age. He received many.  

pluckers birthday boy 

As family tradition dictates, a celebratory trip to Plucker's was arranged later the same day. He was eager to do a chicken dance for the whole restaurant. 

plucker's birthday flap 

We pulled off a birthday celebration that was up to his standards. I'm not sure we can duplicate this level of successful party planning.


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