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Turkey and being thankful, and the destruction of TESLA Tom

A few Thanksgiving Day Traditions must be honored...

thansgiving spaten  

the Spaten mini-keg... 

paul schuster chalkboard art thanksgiving 

I changed out the "artwork" on my chalkboard. 

austin fried turkey drop  

The lowering of the turkey into the HOT oil.

austin fried turkey  

Turkey was good, but not as good as last year. I don't think the bird of 2013 will be bested. 

austin mod house november 2014 

We had over twenty to be fed this year...  

furbo ten seat table denmark to austin 

We used our ten seat FURBO (made in Denmark) table for the occasion... and have since had second thoughts of sending it to Goodwill. Kids sat at the regular table.

furbo ten seat thanksgiving table austin 2014 

jon stevens ltd inspired salad

I curated the salad. 

deconstructiong tesla tom the thanksgiving pinata 

The destruction of TESLA Tom. I ripped the head off and tossed it into the fire. The kids quickly noticed the opportunity and in a sudden outburst of mayhem he was ripped to shreds...  

thanksgiving mayhem killing tesla tom the turkey 

turkey carcas destruction thanksgiving pinata tesla tom 

The real culinary success story of Thanksgiving 2014: Kat mastered the Kougin Amaan AND the Macaron 

asian queen of kougin amaan austin  

Kat had made the Kougin Amaan before, but she drug the process out for over a week. It was delicious, but she had time to think how to improve her method... and it worked. She was so happy that it turned out just as expected and it really wasn't that much effort. The process just requires being available all day, lots of in and out of the cooler and time for the dough to rest and rise. She put a drop of pumpkin pie filling in each. I LOVED them.  

kougin amaan homemade with pumpkin pie filling austin texas 

home made macarons austin texas 

This was her third attempt at Macarons in a week. One was undercooked, one was over cooked, but these.... these were just right.  

homemade macarons with papaya and tamarind  

I made a filling of tamarind, papaya and chili. They were a huge success. 

Kat's Thanksgiving chalkboard artwork below...

kat's chalkboard art austin thanksgiving 

(yes, if you look at mine, near the top, you may suspect we went to different art schools)  


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