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Fried Whole trukey for Thanksgivuhhah 2013

we've been frying the big bird for a few years.  the results have been mixed, not fantastic.  I did a bit more reasearch, considered NOT frying a bird (this was not an option for Kat).  We decided to make a better effort this year. 

The recipe says to never attempt a bird over 15lb...  I got a 22 lb bird.  I didn't pay all the extra $ to get the "never frozen, organic, free range" bird.  I got a cheap, frozen, Butterball.  There is no need to brine a Butterball, they are pre-brined.  I did inject him with some butter, garlic powder and cayene.  AND!  I also injected him with Duck Fat! 

fried butterball turkey

The main reason turkey is usually lacking in flavor is lack of fat.  It's a lean bird.  Maybe you've not yet experienced Duck Fat fries, but they are quite popular in some restaurants and I've come to understand that duck fat is healthier than butter

so, we filled the oil to the correct height, got it up to 385 degrees, killed the flame and lowered that bird. 

fried whole turkey thanksgivukkah 

Bird boiled in the oil till temp dropped to 270 and we reignited the flame, and maintained a temp around 280 for 1 hr and 15 mins. 

fried whole thanksgivukkah turkey 

fried whole turkey austin westlake texas

Then we let it rest for about 15 mins.

thanksgivukkah dreidel 2013

We have concluded we have some Jewish ancestry.  This year was the perfect time to put a bit of Hebrew into our tradition, Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah; Thanksgivukkah!  We had a menorah, I said the traditional prayer and lit the candles after the sun went down...  and, Kat and I applied some festive "art" to our respective chalkboards.

thanksgivukkah art paul schuster

happy thanksgivukkah

thanksgivukkah feast austin

That Turkey was the best EVER!  The breast meat was moist and tender.  You could cut it with a fork.  Even the cold leftovers are good and moist.  We also enjoyed a side of salmon, brined and baked under ginger and Rio Star Grape Fruit, and a Pork Loin (sous vide) with caramelized onion and balsamic syrup.

parsnip celery root celeriac au gratin mushroom gravy

some of the sides above (left to right) creamed brussel sprouts with pecorino cheese, celeriac au gratin, mushroom gravy (mushroom stock, shiitake and cremini mushrooms, porcini powder (thanks Craig) and cream), and puree of parsnip and celery root. 

it was a good feast, we were thankful and happy. 

The next morning, we played Dreidel.  #2 son said "Let's NOT play video games today!  Let's play dreidel all day long". 

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