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Castle Hornberg (Germany) Chef's table dinner at FABI+ROSI

We enjoyed a five course meal prepared by Master Chef Gerhard Penitz, of the Castle Hornberg, Germany. 

fabi+rosi castle hornberg wine dinner chef's table menu


castle hornberg fabi rosi chef's table

The Lighting in the back room is warm, yellow-orange even.  It takes a lot of manipulation to get the pics of food to render true colors. 

fabi+rosi wine dinner chef's table castle hornberg

filet of venison fabi+rosi chef's table castle hornberg germany

Finally busted out the iPhone flashlight for an impromptu studio lighting technique.  The venison filet was fantastic!  It was all delicious and we enjoyed some witty banter with Chef after the meal.  Chef Wolfgang of Fabi+Rosi had apprenticed at the Burg Hornberg, the two chefs had a long history together.  We felt priviliged to be there for this reunion of sorts, like extended family that gets all the benefits of great food and wine. 

fabi+rosi private event room austin tx wine dinner

The single decorative item in the back room is this large white buck. 

fabi+rosi wine dinner german chef's table castle hornberg

chef castle hornberg fabi+rosi germany austin

Chef Wolfgang translated for Master Chef Penitz, explaining how he was traveling around, checking up on his past apprentices.  Ensuring they were still doing things right! 

castle hornberg germany



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