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Black Friday HH at La V

Black Friday... we slept in, I cleaned the kitchen... we bought a light fixture for the house we've not yet started construction on down in Wimberley, we napped and watched a movie.... then we put on our fancy dinner clothes and set out for La V.

schuster family at la v austin happy hour 

it's OK you can't really see #2 son as he's frowning. He often starts meals this way. Sort of like this...

#2 son has a frown at La V before Janina O'leary makes him warm brioche doughnuts 

Oh well, on with dinner. 

la v french food bread restaurant austin tx 

The complimentary bread and butter was up there with the best bread I've eaten... I love good bread and butter and my kids are in this with me (they inhaled a couple loaves) 

$6 wine at happy hour austin la v french 

$6 wine by the glass during happy hour and $8 craft cocktails. 

happy hour duck rillette la v austin 

Duck Rillette was good, reminded me a tiny terrarium.  

la v austin happy hour meatballs and polenta 

Our favorite was the Meatballs and Polenta. It was a bit salty, but this obviously didn't hinder our enjoyment as the plate was scraped clean with the bread I mentioned above 

smoked oysters la v austin happy hour 

Smoked Oysters were enjoyed by the Kat and I. 

warm brioche donuts la va austin janina o'leary 

BUT.... if you go to La V, it's a well know fact you have to order the Warm Brioche Doughnuts 

happy kids at la v austin valet parking  

and boys left happy... or high on doughnuts. #2 son is frowning no more.

Some people will tell you that La V is not a place to take children. I guess that depends on the kids... ours behaved well and certainly did appreciate the delicious food served to us. The staff was especially gracious and issued the finest service we've experienced in Austin. I look forward to another Happy Hour at La V.  

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