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August 26, 2014

schlitterbahn wristband collction summer 2014

We managed to visit Schlitterbahn ten times this summer. Nine visits to New Braunfels and one at South Padre Island.

schlitterbahn bracelet portrait 


He finally decided to remove his wristbands because "they make my hand feel weird".

August 25, 2014

San Antonio trip 2014

I had some credit with hotels dot com... so we ran down to San Antonio for the weekend.

contessa hotel

Stayed at the La Contessa

hotel contessa san antonio 

we did swim in the pool... 

las ramblas san antonio 

Enjoyed their delicious HH tapas. 

las ramblas san antonio 

ripley's san antonio 

did touristy stuff, #1 son LOVES those Ripley's books. It was actually on sale and quite unexpensive. 

alamo san antonio texas 

remembered the Alamo... 

ostra san antonio 

San Antonio restaurant week at Ostra... 


more swimming... 

westin san antonio mixology class  


(Kat took a mixology class at the Westin pool, mojitos. We had friends staying there, it's just next door to the Contessa. )

westin san antonio mojito  


san anotonio mojito maker  


westin san antonio riverwalk pool  


hotel la contessa san antonio pool ice cream party 

Ice cream party back at the La Contessa... 

san antonio riverwalk biergarten german beer garden 

German beer and food on the riverwalk.  and we also enjoyed a nice meal with friends Raymond and Nikki at Luke (I mostly kept my camera down, no pics).

matisse at sama 

SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) had a Matisse exhibit. 

matisse san antonio museum art 

#2 son was thrilled to be a part of it.   


it's not easy being that age, especially when you have a much younger brother that likes to push all your buttons.   

 la gloria's ice house san antonio tacos al pastor 

Probably the best meal we had was at La Gloria's on the way home.  LOVE those tacos al pastor.  Funny, I ordered four tacos, not realizing they don't come a la carte, we received four orders (12 tacos) but the kids gobbled them down really quickly. We also enjoyed some sopes and a bubbling hot molcajetes. 

eanes 2014-2015 

Marking a summer that is quickly closing, the first day of school. This is the first year we have the kids in three different schools. #1 son was so excited to start middle school, he got up early and set the breakfast table.  He gathered his supplies and waited for the rest of us outside. 

Also of note, the traditional hair dye was applied by two of them on the eve of  school starting.

hcms 2014-15 

Time.... is moving too fast.  It will be a demanding school year.  We've tried our best to create a BIG summer filled with family fun.  Work hard, and play hard, a successful school years deserves fun filled summers. Already talking/planning summer 2015. But WAIT, summer 2014 isn't completely done... it's still HOT out...


August 18, 2014

Due Forni

The HH at Due Forni works on a Saturday as well.  The meat and cheese plate for only $5 is an amazing bargain. The house wine or Peroni draft is only $5 for HH and it's not bad.  We ordered too much food...

due forni austin happy hour  

The daughter likes that Tartufo pizza with shaved black truffle and the runny egg. 

TRACE (W Hotel ) Ice Cream Social

We attended a fund raiser at TRACE for Safeplace.org

safeplace ice cream social at trace w hotel austin 

For a cash donation or school supplies, TRACE grants you access to an ice cream buffet!

ice cream social trace austin w hotel starwood 

w hotel austin chef trace ice cream social 

You'd think that W Hotel staff would get sick of me. They've not kicked me out yet! 

trace austin w hotel patio  

They had a few.... 

ice cream stack  

stack of empties TRACE Austin 

w hotel living room library fireplace austin 

August in Texas, warming himself by the fire... 

W Hotel Wet Deck Summer 2014 Party (whaling edition)

W Hotel Summer Heat Wave Pool Party at the Wet Deck

w hotel pool party austin DJ bird peterson

We were invited to check out the Heat Wave party at the W Hotel Wet Deck (pool) 

w hotel austin pool girls  

As you might have imagined (I did) the pool was populated by beautiful women. DJ Bird Peterson played the music, so there was dancing in, and around the pool.  

w hotel austin pool party

it's a pool party, so there was splashing. 

w hotel pool austin

w hotel austin pool  

w hotel austin pool party wet deck

w hotel austin wetdeck pool  

Frozen drinks,Deep Eddy samples and drink specials... 


Lots of people taking selfies around the pool, how Narcissistic... 

selfie at the w hotel pool austin 

w hotel pool food burger austin wet deck 

look the size of that burger! and Yes, we ate while soaking in the pool. Decadent.   

alcohol at the w hotel pool party austin 

uh, yeah. I was a bit relaxed. (I didn't drive home) 

west lake hills bulk cedar collection pile 

I enjoy the play time more after hard work, feels like I've earned it. For me, work usually involves some manual labor. It's bulk yard waste (cedar) this week. I spent time with my chain saw clearing some of the old dead cedar.   

city of west lake hills tx westlake cedar pickup 

this is Whaling... (it was new to me. Proves you do learn something new every day)

August 12, 2014

South Padre Island beaches 2014

Beach Access #4:

beach access #4 south padre island 

south padre island beach access #4

 It was a bit overcast.

hatch chili sausages grilled on the beach south padre island 

We grilled corn, mushrooms and Hatch chili sausages for lunch.

south padre island mermaid kat

Kat turned mermaid and harvested a load of shells from the sandbar.

south padre island shell collection

south padre island sand  

south padre island sand monster 

south padre island sand  

south padre island sand boy 

south padre island koa airstream  

A quick stop to visit the turtles in the hospital. 

south padre island ridley turtle rescue 

south padre island turtle hospital  

south padre island turtle hospital 

The Weather was better the second day on the beach. We set up camp on the beach near the Wanna Wanna.

spi beach  

boogie board south padre island 

island kat 

boogie board south padre island spi 

spi water 

spi beach wanna wanna  

sunday paella south padre island cafe kranzler 

We cleaned up an had a paella at Café Kranzler.

cafe kranzler spi padre island  

cake at cafe kranzer south padre island texas 

He REALLY wanted the cake... 

super moon koa south padre island  

super-moon at the campground.   

koa spi airstream  

We made it home in well under 6 hours (towing an airstream) 

arro happy hour austin 

Home in time to try HH at Arro! Wine by the glass is 50% off 5-7PM M-F. The Sauvignon Blanc was a bargain at $4.50 a glass (normally $9). The food was good too.  You know #1 son was happy to find Steak Tartare on the menu.

arro austin french food 

It's good to be home. 


South Padre Island Schlitterbahn (SB trip #9 for summer 2014)

schlitterbahn south padre island

Compared to New Braunfels.... the SPI Schlitterbahn is smaller and the rides are much shorter... we were able to do most of the park in 4 hours.  The lines were also shorter.   

lines at schlitterbahn south padre island 

and the lines.... you never have to get out of the water! you line up IN your tube IN the water.   

schlitterbahn south padre island bar 

They also have a full bar down there. You can get Dippin' Dots, chicken wings AND a Tito's and tonic from the same guy. 

NIWeek- National Instruments Convention Austin 2014

national instruments convention austin 2014 

National Instruments Week 2014, more robots and free ink pens.... 

NIWeek national instruments austin 2014

niweek dj roomba 

DJ ROOMBA! (almost

robots at niweek 



1986 A-P-T reunion

Back to year 1986. These three dudes shared an apartment...  trouble. 

captain shreve high school shreveport laborde schuster smith 1986 1985

2014 and we're still around.   

shreveport 1986 captain shreve 1985 

LaBorde did object to wearing a red shirt.  I think it has something to do with sports... We eventually convinced him to wear it for historical accuracy purposes.   

shreveport captain shreve 1985 1986 


Chris had his sister and mom along for the trip this time.  


There were tears and beers and a big meal. 


after everything settled, we took Chris out to the Texas Hill Country, Wimberley. 

wimberley blanco river

Explored a bit of the Blanco river. Water is low and not as clear as some years past.   

blanco river rapids  

We also stopped at Jacob's Well 

wimberley jacob's well  

This is the view from the rock where everybody jumps from, aiming for the small deep hole in the middle. 

wimberley jacobs well 

wimberley jacobs well 

#1 son considered jumping, I was OK that he backed out.   

August 04, 2014

the eighth Schlitter of the summer

schlitterbahn new braunfels boogie bay bar

dragon's revenge schlitterbahn new braunfels 

#1 son and I rode Dragon's Revenge. 

dragon's revenge schlitterbahn  

Water blasts the riders UP the tube for this ride.   

uphill water park ride schlitterbahn 

schlitterbahn lazy river kids crystal river new braunfels 

We spent most of the day floating around.  

schlitterbahn new braunfels lazy crystal river alligator

Extreme Picnicing at the Longe Center Symphony

The weather was perfect for symphony and picnic at the Long Center

long center sunset symphony summer picnic 


kat made big bubbles at long center austin skyline 

extreme picnicing austin long center lawn sunset summer 

A group of friends (mostly yelpers) meets here every Sunday. It's an impressive spread of food and wine.   

hooters austin long center 

We closed the weekend at Hooter's.  

White Linen Night 2nd district and W Hotel afterparty

White Linen event in the 2nd street district.

austin 2nd district white linen food and wine alliance

white linen night austin  

Paul bar manager W Hotel DJ daft punk white linen austin  

Spent some time at the W Hotel booth. Paul spun some Daft Punk. 

white linen austin 

white linen austin bonneville 

Delicious food tastings from The Bonneville.  

white linen 2nd district 

white linen austin food and wine alliance 

oh, and they had wine for us too.  

austin white linen searsucker 


austin food and wine alliance white linen 

empty wine glass white linen austin paul schuster 

something is wrong with this glass... keeps drying out. 

austin food and wine alliance white linen 

thank you. 

rae cosmetics austin white linen

We ducked into a few of the shops on  2nd street, RAE Cosmetics

langford austin white linen 

sure... and did a little shopping  (at Langford)  Kat was able to redeem a gift certificate

Then we attended the VIP party at the W Hotel

TRACE Austin W Hotel VIP party White Linen 


VIP party White Linen W Hotel Austin 

VIP party at TRACE W Hotel Austin Food and Wine Alliance 

White Linen VIP party TRACE W hotel macrons

an abundance of sweets. 

Trace Austin W hotel VIP party White Linen 

white linen food and wine alliance austin VIP party W Hotel 

THANK YOU CHEF! They treat us well at Trace.  

W Hotel Austin  

I have promotional credit from both Lyft and Uber. So we didn't have to worry about driving home or parking etc.  Just a click or two on my iPhone, and our driver was whisking us away. NICE!

 HEY! Austin Monthly took our pic too

austin monthly white linen event 


TRACE HH and the Whip in

TRACE Austin W Hotel Summer menu


I stopped in for Happy Hour at TRACE this past week. I was given the one item from their Summer Dinner Series menu that I'd not been able to enjoy last week. It's sort of a Nude Ravioli. It was as tasty as it was photogenic (it's very photogenic)

Then I stopped off for samosas from Whip in. 

open mic at the whip inn austin 

They were having an open stage sort of event. Each band got 15 minutes of stage time.  

whip inn live music austin beer joint  

Our friend Chris was back in town for a few days. He was surprised to see that the drummer was wearing a "Golf Shirt".  

open mic at the whip in austin 

"I never thought I could be a drummer AND wear golf shirts!"  The band was pretty good.