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San Antonio trip 2014

I had some credit with hotels dot com... so we ran down to San Antonio for the weekend.

contessa hotel

Stayed at the La Contessa

hotel contessa san antonio 

we did swim in the pool... 

las ramblas san antonio 

Enjoyed their delicious HH tapas. 

las ramblas san antonio 

ripley's san antonio 

did touristy stuff, #1 son LOVES those Ripley's books. It was actually on sale and quite unexpensive. 

alamo san antonio texas 

remembered the Alamo... 

ostra san antonio 

San Antonio restaurant week at Ostra... 


more swimming... 

westin san antonio mixology class  


(Kat took a mixology class at the Westin pool, mojitos. We had friends staying there, it's just next door to the Contessa. )

westin san antonio mojito  


san anotonio mojito maker  


westin san antonio riverwalk pool  


hotel la contessa san antonio pool ice cream party 

Ice cream party back at the La Contessa... 

san antonio riverwalk biergarten german beer garden 

German beer and food on the riverwalk.  and we also enjoyed a nice meal with friends Raymond and Nikki at Luke (I mostly kept my camera down, no pics).

matisse at sama 

SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) had a Matisse exhibit. 

matisse san antonio museum art 

#2 son was thrilled to be a part of it.   


it's not easy being that age, especially when you have a much younger brother that likes to push all your buttons.   

 la gloria's ice house san antonio tacos al pastor 

Probably the best meal we had was at La Gloria's on the way home.  LOVE those tacos al pastor.  Funny, I ordered four tacos, not realizing they don't come a la carte, we received four orders (12 tacos) but the kids gobbled them down really quickly. We also enjoyed some sopes and a bubbling hot molcajetes. 

eanes 2014-2015 

Marking a summer that is quickly closing, the first day of school. This is the first year we have the kids in three different schools. #1 son was so excited to start middle school, he got up early and set the breakfast table.  He gathered his supplies and waited for the rest of us outside. 

Also of note, the traditional hair dye was applied by two of them on the eve of  school starting.

hcms 2014-15 

Time.... is moving too fast.  It will be a demanding school year.  We've tried our best to create a BIG summer filled with family fun.  Work hard, and play hard, a successful school years deserves fun filled summers. Already talking/planning summer 2015. But WAIT, summer 2014 isn't completely done... it's still HOT out...


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