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TRACE HH and the Whip in

TRACE Austin W Hotel Summer menu


I stopped in for Happy Hour at TRACE this past week. I was given the one item from their Summer Dinner Series menu that I'd not been able to enjoy last week. It's sort of a Nude Ravioli. It was as tasty as it was photogenic (it's very photogenic)

Then I stopped off for samosas from Whip in. 

open mic at the whip inn austin 

They were having an open stage sort of event. Each band got 15 minutes of stage time.  

whip inn live music austin beer joint  

Our friend Chris was back in town for a few days. He was surprised to see that the drummer was wearing a "Golf Shirt".  

open mic at the whip in austin 

"I never thought I could be a drummer AND wear golf shirts!"  The band was pretty good.   

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