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Carnaval Brasileiro Pre-Party 2014 Speakeasy, SHAKE IT!

The first of two official Pre Parties for Carnaval Brasileiro with the Austin Samba School.

austin carnaval brasileiro preparty speakeasy 2014

samba party austin

austin samba school party 2014

We found the drums and dancers warming up back stage.  There was spontaneous shakin' goin on all over the place!

backstage party austin samba school speakeasy

dancing machine samba school carnaval preparty

samba dancers austin

smiling samba dancer austin

Yeah, these girls love to dance.  Then, they all lined up and filed out towards the stage. 

austin samba school 2014 speakeasy party

The tiny stage couldn't hold them all, they shuffled on/off in groups. The drums never stop, the dancers never stop.

austin samba

austin samba party 2014

samba dancer austin samba school 2014 preparty

I managed to jump in for a quick pic.  What else would you expect from me?

samba school dancers austin

samba dance party austin 2014

samba dance school austin

austin samba dance school party speakeasy

Then, Kat started Dancing! 

austin speakeasy dance party 2014

Follow the hat...

austin samba school dance party 2014 speakeasy

austin samba school hat dance speakeasy 2014

Even he seemed surprised when she threw it down for some impromptu hat dancing. 

austin samba school drummers

Then they all filed backstage again, we followed.  That is where the real party was!

austin carnaval brasileiro samba school pre party 2014

austin samba school carnaval brasileiro pre party speakeasy

backstage austin samba school pre party

Less organization, just drums everywhere and dancing all over the room.  That was fun!

speakeasy carnaval samba school austin

austin samba school dancer 2014

First Video below is when they all filed out to the stage.  Second is the party in the back room after the main event on stage. 

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