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Another big FREEZE came to town.  This time it brought sleet and ice. 

austin ice storm of 2014 plants protected with dog food bags

I noticed kat had started hoarding old dog food bags.  Now, their true potential has been revealed.  She used the bags to assemble cold weather shelters for her precious citrus trees. 

Every couple years, they suffer a deep freeze and it really gets her down.  This year she planned ahead. custom fit tree shelters!  I hope we get a lime this year... 

#2 son was SO excited. This was the first time he’d seen snow or ice at home. He ran and got his iphone, went out and made this video all by himself, ran inside to share it with me.

The cold and sleet didn't stop us from getting the kids to Cotillion.

austin cotillion 2014

kids ballroom dance lessons austin cotillion 2014

The daughter won first prize in the Junior Assembly Dance contest.  I don't have pics as I've been taking #1 son and my Mother has been escorting the daughter, different dances/times.

Yes, I've got some food pics from this week:

FINO craft cocktails austin

We enjoyed a Happy Hour at FINO.  The drink on the left is a Spanish Bargain with God, Kat enjoyed a glass of Cava.  The kitchen sent us an amuse bouche, two spoons of Provencal soup.

pork belly and octopus fino austin

This small plate had some of Kat's favorite things, pork belly and octopus. 

Here's a tip for you, Check-In via Yelp app and you can get one free small plate.  Kat was happy to get the blistered shisito peppers using her check in.

Sullivan's Steakhouse:

sullivan's steakhouse austin

The dining room at Sullivan's is nice, and we got to sit near the kitchen. 

sullivan's steakhouse austin kitchen chef

I like to see the food in process. 

sullivan's steakhouse crab cake sullivans austin

I knew ahead of time what I wanted, the crab cake!  Although it didn't live up to the cake part, it was delicous.  It was more of a crab pile.  With no real bread or mayonaise, just lots of jumbo lump!  I'm OK with that.  This is served as an appetizer.

bone in beef tenderloin sullivan's steakhouse austin

We went in with the $39 Prix Fixe in mind, but we somehow changed lanes. We landed a $52 bone in beef tenderloin (no sides included at that price).  It was good, and at 10 oz (not counting the bone) it was big enough for us to share.  It was WELL seasoned and had a lovely crust on it.  They offered us a sauce to go along with it, the garlic gorgonzola butter was way TOO salty to use. 

So, we tried their "bone-in tenderloin" and it was good, but I think next time we'll stick with the $39 prix fixe.

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