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Cotillions, Happy Hours, and a Salmon Confit

Cotillion 2014: 

austin cotillion 2014

I hate being late.  but we made it on time!

Dance parties are best done with friends. 

austin junior assembly cotillion 2014

Happy Hours...

paul schuster austin 2014

Kat and I finally made it to Eddie V's Seafood for Happy Hour.  It's widely regarded as one of the best in town and the crowd there competing for a place to sit did reflect that. 

austin happy hour oysters eddie v's

Oysters are just $1 each. 

eddie V's best happy hour austin calamari

The calamari was really good and the portion HUGE.  Crabcake (in the back) was also HUGE but I didn't care for it.  It tasted too much like mayonaise to me. 

fried oysters eddie v's austin best happy hour

The Fried Oysters are also worth the trip to Eddie V.'s Happy Hour. 

kat dances to New Order january in texas 2014 70 degrees

The winter weather has a hint of summer.  Kat opened up the doors off the master bath and cranked up some New Order.  I caught her dancing while #2 son enjoyed a bath.

austin modhouse bathroom west lake hills eanes tx

Then we went downtown (only 5 miles from home) and did a bit of window shopping and enjoyed HH at TRACE.

happy hour austin TRACE W Hotel

Trace W Hotel Duke and Dutchess of Trace restaurant W Hotel

According to Yelp, Kat and I are the Duke and Dutchess of TRACE!  We like it there, so we'll take it.  I'm also banking Starwood points with each visit! 

empanadas with chimichurri sauce TRACE W Hotel Austin Happy Hour

We ordred one of everything off the HH menu, $5 per item.  These Empanadas with spicy chimichurri were really delicious. 

Empanada eater austin w hotel

kids at happy hour TRACE W Hotel austin

#1 son also had a bowl of their delicious chicken noodle soup, (not from the HH menu).

fresh made donuts with trio of dipping sauces

sealed the deal with some freshly made donuts and a trio of dipping sauces. 

salmon confit poached in oil sous vide

But, one of the best meals we had this week was at home.  I made a Salmon Confit.  That is just another way to say salmon that’s been salt cured, then poached in fat.  I did it in the sous vide at 50C for 30 minutes in olive oil, some herbs and also just a bit of bacon fat.  It was good and I'll be doing this again.

fifth grade science project eanes

big sigh of relief!  #1 son is done with his school science project that he worked on over the summer.  Summer in Texas is HOT.  TOO HOT for tomatoes to fruit (yes, a tomato is a fruit, NOT a vegetable).  BUT, if you really want to grow the best tasting tomatoes through the summer, you might have decent results with the Yellow Pear Tomato.  The best time to start them from seed is about now or soon. 

scorpions of austin texas

This was waiting for us by the front door when we returned from Happy Hour last night...  As frightening as this posture may appear, it was no match for the swift action of my boot. 

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