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Kona coast and the Volcano Nat'l Park (Hawaii, the BIG island)

huggo's on the rocks kona hawaii

we landed on the big island, and found ourselves saddled with hunger and thirst (no surprise there).  enjoyed some lunch at Huggo's.  I'll go ahead and say that most of my fears of high prices in Hawaii have been shattered.  we found most meals to be of similar cost/value as what we have here in Austin. 

poke hawaii huggo's on the rocks kona

we ate a lot of poke (pronounced POH-kay), raw fish in Hawaii.  EXCELLENT!

sheraton kona

we stayed at the Sheraton in Kona.  it's right on the water but there is no beach there, just big surf and sharp lava rocks.  they lei'd us at check in. 

sheraton kona water park

the Sheraton "resort" was a bit too nice.  the kids wanted to spend all their time in the pool there.  it had several different areas, a giant water slide and faux beach. 

kona shabu shabu

we'd enjoyed that hot pot back in honolulu so much, we tried shabu shabu (japanese hot pot).  sad to say, nowhere near as good as the Sweet Home Cafe and their Taiwanese hot pot. 

fresh tuna poke kona hawaii

guy cutting up fresh tuna at Da Poke Shack.  I'm here to say it, it was good!

Ray's on the bay Sheraton Kona Hawaii

Sheraton had a restaurant over the cliffs, Ray's on the Bay.  they aimed spot lights onto the water after sunset and attracted giant manta ray.

kona hawaii sunset from sheraton ray's on the bay

kona hawaii ray's on the bay sheraton

we reserved a table with a fire pit.

dragon fruit kona hawaii

we sampled dragon fruit from a local fruit vendor.  tasted a bit like kiwi, just a bit less flavor.

hawaii volcano park

ACTIVE VOLCANO!  it was belching smoke, sulphur gasses and fire!

lava sea hawaii

the steam column to the left is molten lava flowing into the ocean.

volcano steam vent

there were places where the earth opened up and vented steam from down below.

schuster on lava


sea arch hawaii volcano national park

sea arch hawaii volcano

standing near that edge made me nervous, not kat. 

hawaii lava flow over road

and the road was swallowed up by a lava flow.  we took off on foot from here.  kat hiked in for a while, stood at the edge of the cliff (no hand or gaurd rail) and she took video...

hawaii lava flow

lava hills

lava hike hawaii

young iphone photographer

snorkel kona hawaii

spent far too little time at Kua Bay, beautiful beach and great snorkeling location.

kua bay kona hawaii

kua bay hawaii kona

kua bay fish snorkel hawaii

snorkel dork kona hawaii

kua bay sea turtle hawaii snorkel kona

snorkel kona hawaii

red sea urchin kona coast hawaii

kua bay kona hawaii

kua bay kona hawaii

underwater dork hawaii kona swim


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