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Hutzler 571 in Honolulu

we stayed with my brother and family while on Oahu.  He's in the military and we'd heard so much about budget cuts, we made an equipment contribution, the Hutzler 571!  no soldier should be without one!

soldier with his hutzler 571 banana slicer

#1 son was so excited!  He'd read so many positive reviews for the Hutzler 571 on Amazon.  he anxiously sliced up a banana once the Hutzler 571 was removed from its package.  then, he realized he'd used it upside down and mostly smashed the banana, not sliced it.  another life lesson learned, slow down and do things right, thanks Hutzler 571! 

oahu east side hawaii

east side of Oahu.

hawaii oaho east side

let it be known, in the month of June, year 2013, our kids enjoyed play time with every one of their cousins from BOTH sides of their family tree.  I don't know if we'll ever manage that again.

the niece really enjoyed playing with her cousins, especially #1 son.  she called him "the red brother".

she enjoyed holding his hand and dragging him around.  they move so fast, not easy to get a pic.

Duke's canoe club waikiki oahu hawaii

some things you just have to do, mai tai at Duke's on waikiki beach

rootbeer at duke's waikiki

he insisted that I take his picture with his root-beer.  I don't know where he gets these ideas. 

honolulu view

one of our good friends is from Hawaii, her parents hosted us for dinner at their beautiful mid century modern home way up the hill there in Honolulu.  Thank you very much!

the view of honolulu from diamond head

we climbed diamond head. 

north shore sea turtle

strolled a north shore beach and found a sea turtle napping.

hawaii sa turtle north shore oahu

north shore hawaii sea turtle

Aoki's shave ice north shore hawaii

shave ice at Aoki's (north shore).

sweet home cafe honolulu 

sweet home cafe honolulu taiwanese hot pot

Taiwanese Hot Pot from Sweet Home Cafe, don't miss it!

sweet home cafe hot pot honolulu

bring your own beer to Sweet Home Cafe, select your hotpot broth, sauces and grab veg/meat items to cook yourself.  it was SO GOOD!  the only downside with the BYOB, they want that table turning.  they let you know when they think it's time to move on.  they deposit this giant free shave ice dessert. 

free shave ice dessert at sweet home cafe honolul hotpot restaurant

as you can see, kat was enjoying her meal, taking her time and still eating when they plopped this beast down and started to clear the plates.  we will definitely go back, and move our hotpot a bit quicker. 

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