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Gordon Ramsay west hollywod

we went to Hollywood, stumbled upon a Gordon Ramsay eatery on the roof of the London Hotel West Hollywood.  a great view from the rooftop pool and dining area.

gordon ramsay rooftop west hollywood london hotel

we really enjoyed it! 

rooftop by gordon ramsay at the london hotel west hollywood

gordon ramsay hot dog

yes, the daughter ate every one of those raw jalapenos! 

then off to the airport, we thought we were on time.  we'd purchased our tickets four months in advance.  in that time, they moved the flight time, 30 minutes sooner.  we were stopped at the boarding gate during final boarding, but they had already begun giving our seats away. 

american airlines gave our seats away 

we watched as they called five names, handed them boarding passes.  we watched our plane flying away. 

we found ourselves with 5 hours to kill in LAX.  that airport is stuffy and crowded.  there was fierce competetion to find a USB charging station.  we found a work around, plug in the laptop to the open USB, that gave us 4 USB ports. 

the gate was filled with angry AA customers that had been bumped and waiting to get out of LAX, the flight had been delayed by almost 4 hours.  then a happy pilot with a lei around his neck addressed the crowd, "I know you're all unhappy.  but they brought us in, THE A TEAM IS HERE!  WE ARE, GOING TO HAWAII!!"  and so we did. 

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