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Santa Cruz, like going home and up PCH 1

after a horrible flight back from HI (the seats on united are so close together you can't lean back, yeah, we fly coach, there's 5 of us!).  for the adults, it was mostly an uncomfortable sleepless night.  kids did better.  picked up our rental car and I drove over hwy 17.  kat still hates that drive. 

990 30th avenue santa cruz, ca

stopped by our old home.  this really confused #2 son, "really?  we used to LIVE HERE?"

capitola by the sea

Capitola was very near our old home, we went back for much needed cappuccino.

capitola by the sea california

we used to spend a lot of time in Capitola.  it was an easy bike ride from our home. 

we checked into the Hotel Paradox early, kat took a long nap.  The boys were anxious to get in that pool, I went with them.

poolside service at the hotel paradox santa cruz

Kat woke up refreshed.  we enjoyed pool side service.

we all loved the Paradox.  rooms are small, but this is probably the nicest option near downtown santa cruz. 

palomar santa cruz mexican tacos and oysters 

we took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants when we lived there.  the palomar was still delicious!  and it didn't hurt that it was happy hour...  we had oysters! 

flan palomar santa cruz 

it was the daughter's birthday, she got her favorite food, enchiladas.  she also got flan. 

soif santa cruz duck leg confit

we met up with some food and wine loving friends at one of our all time favorites Soif!  you know kat had the duck confit! 

soif wine bar santa cruz


oysters and champagne at soif wine bar santa cruz

we also had oysters!  they paired with some delicious champagne that had a strong limestone bouquet.  excellent!

it should be noted that one of our food/wine loving friends from austin was in Seattle, she was eating the same variety of oyster at nearly the same time.  from here on out, it was an online virtual oyster volley.  we'd eat oysters and post a pic, and she'd follow up with her oysters...  we might have a problem...

Shark's Tooth Beach (cove):

sharkstooth beach near davenport ca

sharkstooth beach santa cruz

yeah, I guess we're going down there.  I followed althought I wasn't really prepared to hike down the cliff and play in the surf and sand.

norcal beach hwy1

sharks tooth beach pch 1 hwy1

heavy surf sharks tooth beach norcal

shark tooth cove davenport santa cruz

Pescadero State Beach:

pescadero state beach

pescadero state beach

the daughter took off to explore the tidal pools.

Pescadero state beach ca

the boys went straight for the beach.

tidal pool pescadero beach

blue suede shoes

what a dumb-ass, blue suede shoes?  really?

starfish pescadero state beach

duarte's tavern pescadero

Duarte's, love this place.  I first came here nearly 20 years ago.... can that be right?  anyhow, I have an old T-shirt from that first visit.  it's starting to wear thin and has a stain or two.  I was hoping for a new one, but they were out of my size!  the boys got shirts and hats.  the daughter never wants us to spend any $ on her.  I can't say I left empty...

oysters and anchor steam duarte's tavern pescadero ca

OYSTERS!  and Anchor Steam!

we also had their strawberry rhubarb pie, wasn't as good as my dad's.

Montara State Beach:

pch1 hwy1 norcal montara state beach



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