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will you take my picture?

I had the studio lights out to take some pics of the orange van (I listed it for sale as we can't keep two vans at the moment).  #2 son saw the lights and asked, "will you take my picture?"  how could I refuse?  then he went to the steps and JUMPED.  we took JUMP pics for halloween, so I guess he figures every photo shoot is a JUMP shoot.

little boy blue jumps down

I put the camera down to adjust the lighting and he said "ok, I will take your picture".  I was a little nervous b/c a canon 5d mark II is a heavy camera.  paul schuster portrait

he did it!



#2 son had his own photo idea...

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

monkey see, monkey do, #2 had to do it too...

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

a couple pics of the orange van... 

orange vintage econoline van


1965 econoline

65 econoline cargo van


#1 son would like to play you a song (his piano recital below)....



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