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horse-play around wimberley

 bel canto farms horse feathers

I escorted the daughter and a friend to a day of the horsey lifestyle.  they received an english style riding lesson and horse care lesson from bel canto farms near wimberley

blue hair girl bel canto farms wimberley

the daughter was happy to be riding the white horse.  but somebody later suggested it may not be safe, so she was paired with a much more docile horse.

 english riding lesson wimberley bel canto farms

fitted with boots and helmets, they assisted with saddling and bridling. 

reluctant horse at bel canto farms wimberley


trail ride wimberley bel canto farms

I've never really liked horses.  they're much larger and smarter than I am.  but the horse above, blue...  we were quick friends.  very gentle and seemed to enjoy human contact.  his eyes followed my every move.  I trusted him with my daughter. 

horse riding lesson in tx hill country

the girls had time with a trainer to become familiar with their horse.  and some instruction in "english style" riding.

english style horse riding lesson austin

english riding lesson at bel canto farms wimberley

horse trail ride wimberley bel canto farms


the trail ride was short but nice.  a few obstacles etc.  it was near meal time and the girls had to work to keep them from snacking on grass.

blue at bel canto farms wimberley


hammer at bel canto farms trail ride


hammer the horse at bel canto

horse grooming lesson at be canto farms wimberley

bel canto farms, wimberley driftwood texas

atlas the big black horse

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