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LOOP project at the zidell house

zidell house, taylor, tx LOOP project 2011 


a few years back I stumbled on a very cool midcentury modern home listed for sale, it was in Taylor TX. 


too far from our current situation to consider as a residence for ourselves, I couldn't get the place out of my mind.  I tried to come up with a reasonable scheme/excuse to somehow buy the place.  there was genuine concern that an unsympathetic builder would buy it for the land, scrape the house. 

as luck would have it, it found the right owner, who is also a photographer

with all the ideas and schemes I had for what could be done with the 6 acres, I couldn't have done a better job.  the owner has an annual party, this year it was a benefit for the bastrop fire victims.  UT architecture students exhibit build projects, a stage with some really great bands, BMX and skateboard half-pipe and dirt course....  and BBQ too.

bmx half-pipe zidell house loop project

bmx girl on dirt track zidell house taylor tx loop project

it was great to see bmx-chicks in the mix

growler uncle billy's zidell house loop project

loop project zidell house geodesic orb

cardboard construction loop project

interactive cardboard construction events and fun.

leslie sisson of the wooden birds LOOP

leslie sisson (of the wooden birds) sounded great.

chinese checkers loop project

large format chinese checkers (above)

loop project taylor tx zidell

like getting inside a marshmallow

 loop project stage in the bamboo forest of zidell house

the bamboo is THICK.  a notch was cut out for a stage.  they auctioned a whole roast pig, but we were too shy to bid, and we don't have space for a whole pig.  somebody offered $20 for the ribs and it was done.

texas playboys baseball roast pig at zidell house loop project


whole roast pig at zidell house texas playboys

I only had $10 cash, I told brent (owner) that we'd buy some of the pig if possible.  he introduced us to another guy to settle the deal, a few minutes later that guy said we had to go find brent (again) and make a deal with him....  we came home porkless. 

bark skin seat

kat really enjoyed watching mother falcon set up.  she found a nice bark seat.  that is the dirt bmx track in the background

mother falcon play zidell house loop project

they played three songs and it started to rain.  can't complain about rain. 

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