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time travel, dallas 1986... starck club

whenever I meet folks from dallas, the starck is sort of a dividing line.  either you participated, or you missed it.  similar to previous generations and all the folks who went to woodstock, or claimed to.

it was july 19 1986, I had plans to see the cure at the bronco bowl.  I had spent the past seven years in northwest louisiana, and I was quite nervous about visiting/going out in dallas.  where I came from, there was not a lot of tolerance and most people thought alike.  we were shocked to find that dallas was not like that at all, they seemed to be celebrating diversity, and mostly, they had better music.  back in NW louisiana, we had been hassled by a few "friends" for the music we had started to listen to, that had started to define and separate us (new order, the cure, the smiths).  a friend had suggested, if you go out in dallas, go to the starck.  we did, and we went home with a new outlook.  we realized we were living in the wrong place and something had to give.

there was usually a line to get in, people happy to pay $10 cover charge (a lot in 80's $).  entry was often granted based on the outrageousness/glamorousness of the attendant.  better yet, to be on the guest list or get "comp'd" (free entry).  we didn't have much for $ back in those days, so we eagerly pursued the guest list, comp and admit two passes.  there has been a lot written about the starck club, most of it true.  MDMA was legal, abundant and open (like ordering a drink from the bar).  people danced... everywhere and anywhere, on the stairs, on coffee tables, in the unisex bathrooms... 

the place was designed by phillipe starck, the most elegant glamorous place I'd ever seen, still.  precursor to the ultra lounge movement, his club design was modern, minimalist and clean.  regular folk often danced along side with celebrities.  I once went to an after party hosted by DIO after meeting him at starck...really.

 anyhow...  before I give up too much.  this past weekend, a group of original folks from the starck club; managers, bartenders, door personnel and patrons, got together for a reunion.  there is a documentary in the works from starck days, I'm sure it will fill in the blanks... let's just say that placed left a large impact on the lives of its patrons.  the ones that survived.  I'm sort of at a loss for words here, good thing they interviewed me for the movie...  or maybe not...

starck club dallas 11-11-11 ghost bar

 starck reunion 11-11-11 ghost bar w dallas

the gathering took place at the ghost bar, 33rd floor of the W hotel dallas.

starck club reunion ghost bar dallas

there was drinking and dancing....

dallas skyline from ghostbar w


paul schuster and wife dallas

bonnie starck club dallas

bonnie was my GF, she used to work the door at the starck.  (1990 pic below)

bonnie starck club dallas


scardello cheese shop dallas oak lawn

you know we had to sample some of the best D has to offer.  it wasn't easy.  from what I could gather from yelp, Dallas does not have the same adventursome eating spirit we appreciate here in austin.  I played it safe, scardello's cheese shop near oak lawn and lemmon.  I used to live about a block from this intersection, my old apartment has been replaced with condos (as most everything since I was there 15 years ago, uptown has really increased its density)

scardello cheese shop dallas

I would've loved this place back then.  great cheese selection, wine by the glass and a friendly knowledgeable staff.

scardello cheese plate and wine oak lawn dallas

the cheese plate "set up" (the nuts and fruit and bread) is $5, cheese and meat is market price (by the lb.)

der scharfe maxx cheese

that der scharfe maxx was GOOD! 

the meddlesome moth:

meddlesome moth bone marrow

I will say that we were surprised at the portion size and low price of eating in dallas compared to austin.  I pledged to try the bone marrow, and it was delicious, $9

pork belly at meddlesome moth

kat loves pork belly.  the portion you see on her plate is only one third of what was served, but easily what passes as a full single portion in austin.  the price was only $12! 

great belgian beer selection at meddlesome moth dallas

the meddlesome moth is listed as a gastropub, good food and good beer.  they have an amazing selection of belgian beers on draught.  beer prices were also very resonable.  we liked this place, a lot.

E.A.S.T. (east austin studio tour)

we spent saturday and sunday visiting the studios of friends.  mark meyer (austin modhouse architect), susannah blanton, sharon kyle kuhn, chris levack and the other guys at splinter.

hawkeye metal lathe splinter group

hawkeye makes bobbles splinter group hawkeye makes brass bobbles on the metal lathe for our kids, this is her third year to get a bobble.

chris levack splinter group fencing austin

chris levack has been making fence sections from wood scraps and, has just finished the new austin skate park of his design.

TOO treachery of others

we caught the Treacher of Others playing both days.


starck club shirt bowling dude

yep, I have my own two hole bowling ball with custom bag and all.  more on that in the future.

highland lanes austin

highland lanes, $7 per person all you can bowl from 7-noon sunday. 


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