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halloween eve, trick or treat...

neighbors  host a really nice halloween party.  it's a great way to start the evening, good food, drinks and the kids just LOVE to run and play in their yard (actual grass and flat land are somewhat rare in west lake hills)

west lake hills lawn and flat land

walked home and caught the low fall sun hitting the face of the house.  LOVE this time of year. 

fall sunset on austin modhouse west lake hills tx


quick costume photo shoot:

jedi levitation costume austin

an unedited jedi jump pic below

halloween jedi jump

#2 son refused to get into his costume, "I DON'T WANNA BE A WOLF!!! OK?!  i DON'T WANT TO WEAR A WOLF COSTUME!"  I could see there was no getting around it.  but then he insisted on having his picture taken, he started putting himself into each frame.  I managed to convince him to put on a luchador mask for pictures.

kick ass luchador

nino luchador austin westlake


 ass-kickin' luchador boot comin at ya!

whatch out for that boot!  comin' at ya!

haloween jump

then he refused the mask and decided to wear a headband he'd made at school.

chell portal costume halloween


the daughter has been obsessed with all things portal.  she makes portal drawings, listens to music from the game, has a portal app on her iphone etc.  we helped her with her costume but she'd given up any hopes of a portal gun.  I surprised her with my effort on halloween day.  #2 son was convinced I'd made a real portal gun, especially when the sun went down and I stuck a blue glow stick in the barrel and it had a blue glow.  he kept asking to hold it.

portal chell costume

we painted the barrel black after the photo shoot.  then she was fully satisfied with it.

portal costume

kat came home and figured out #2 just needed some food.  we'd been so busy we forgot to feed him.  she then sweet talked him into his costume!

 where the wild things are costume max


chell portal portal2 costume halloween

there is no real trick/treat action on our street.  we head over to lost creek and meet up w/ friends.  it's a really nice neighborhood with just enough density and kids living there to make it the perfect trick/treat experience.

aperture science portal gun prop chell costume

max costume where the wild things are austin

after trick or treating... he got to hold the portal gun.

max where the wild things are with a blue portal gun

"can I shoot a bluuuue portal, and then, aaaa ORange portal?"

not going to let go of the blue portal gun

he was not gonna to let go of that portal gun, so happy with it.  being able to hold it was better than the treats collected.

kick ass luchador austin mexican wrestler mask

bigger boot action

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