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gaga themed yelp party, frozen shoulder and school about to end

I really dislike lady gaga, but... I was happy to attend a lady gaga yelp elite party at oilcan harry's with these three pretty ladies.  and the vodka drinks were free, that helped too.

lady gaga face paint at the gay bar

I felt it was best I didn't participate in the face painting. 

drag show at oil can harry's

there was a drag show as well. 

 diving for dollars

paul schuster shoulder x-ray

"I want a Doctor, to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well"-The Vapors

that is my shoulder.  I am waiting for a call from the radiologist who will insert a giant needle into it, an attempt to thaw my "frozen shoulder".  or I can wait for it to free up on its own, usually 12-24 months...


The school events schedule is ramped up to maximum warp speed.  with three kids having school programs and parties etc...  anyhow, some pics below of #1 son's class singing some environmental songs.

trying to keep a bunch of boys still at this age is not a viable option. 

earthlings unite!

"earthlings unite!"

evening at eanes


early econoline 1965

the van paint is about done!  (BIG HERE), pic below is how I used photoshop to visualize the paint scheme.

early econoline paint scheme

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