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a new soldier story

my brother has over 20 years of restaurant experience.  like many in the hospitality industry, he started low and kept at the lifestyle of late nights, living from fast $ and worked his way up.  he worked with some high profile names and eventually made the leap to restaurant owner. 


sounds like a dream come true...  but then the bubble burst; recession.  in an alarmingly brief period of time he went from owning "the best new restaurant in napa county", to just walking away.  with a wife and child to support and a new found distaste for the industry, he looked for a new way.  then he found that in the military.  signed up and shipped off to boot camp he did!

restaurateur turned soldier

made it through boot camp, I think he even enjoyed it.  then they shipped him to san antonio for EMT training.  we waited for him to pass his EMT test so they'd give him just a bit of freedom.  then, we all went down to treat him to some hospitality. 


la contessa restaurant

the breakfast buffet at hotel la contessa has everything a good breakfast should have.  I normally dislike the buffet format, but I really can't complain about theirs.

we were now a party of nine, made planning a bit more difficult, but mostly we just wanted to swim and relax as much as we could and still have the soldier back on base by evening formation.

rooftop view la contessa pool

 la contessa san antonio rooftop pool

roof top pool san antonio la contessa

he seems to be enjoying army life.  says it's much easier than the restaurant business.

#2 son is taking to the water like a duck

happy hour tapas at cork la contessa san antonioa

half price happy hour tapas at cork, the la contessa wine bar.

the riverwalk area is very touristy, we like to go exploring in the morning when most people are still sleeping.  tropical plants and water fountains make it a nice way to start the day. 

iphone photographer captures bird

bird of the san antonio riverwalk

mussels at la frite san antonio moules

mussels, belgian white beer and a few other offerings were enjoyed at La Frite.

blanche de bruxelle

the mercado was stressful.  three kids going in different directions...  I needed to sit down and change the pace.  we went to la margarita, got a table on the patio and ordered some micheladas.  it was nice!

micheladas disaster at la margarita

then the waitress stumbled out of the door behind me and our entire tray of micheladas raced down to the brick patio floor.  it was fantastic!

micheladas at mercado san antonio

they soon brought replacements and swept up all the glass created from four of these shattering at our feet.

he will soon be sent to a new base, and likely deployed.  so we will try to make the best of the time we have with him so near. 

bob the red cock got his pecker stuck in a straw

mercado has lots of cheap fun stuff.  like bob, the michelada drinking rooster.  don't get your pecker stuck in the straw bob!

flan at la margarita mercado

the flan was also good.



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