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taking the melon juice out to the G'Raj

juicing the melon 

this is how I render watermelon juice, chop it up and give it a quick spin in the food processor or osterizer.  then I put it through a fine sieve to remove most of the pulp.  I filled the bottle half way up with the WM juice, squished a lime or two, then added vodka and bauchant (grand marnier like orange-flavoured liqueur).  no additional sweetener was used.

watermelon shaker magic

packed it up and went to G'Raj Mahal, an indian food joint in the hot new rainey street area.  the food is cooked in a trailer but you have table service like a regular restaurant.  they will also deliver to the bars in the area. 

happy melon time

and like most trailer food places, it's BYOB.  the wm shaker worked well with the really spicy food we selected.  I took real glasses and my own ice, plastic just didn't seem right.

g'raj mahal austin trailer food feast

I think this is the best indian food in austin, cheap too.  bill came in at less than $30 per couple (including tax and tip).  the only down side is eating off picnic ware.

vintage econoline van

I thought I was nearly done with the van paint and body.  I had tried to just use the black primer for my stripe, but we agreed it is too dark, not like the original silver I had intended.  and the hugger orange was just too red.  also, once the color was on I could see some dents that still needed attention.  so, a little more sanding and filling and a respray in a lighter shade of orange and a silver stripe over the black primer ... should be done this week.

we DID manage to get a brand new windshield installed.  the new glass makes a HUGE difference. 

not sharing the chips and salsa

went to Izzoz tacos new location.  just two blocks south from their old location.  food was the same.  #2 son took the chips and salsa to his own table.  told me to stay at my table....

lamb shank feast

we had one last cool weather blast blow through before the high summer temps wilt us all.  used the opportunity to have braised lamb shanks and some delicious red wine in the screened room. 

 garden grown tomato

the tomato and the basil were harvested from our garden.  looks like it'll be the best garden season yet, as long as the deer don't come raid us again.

next hot bar on rainey st austin

this old house on rainey street is a just another hot new bar waiting to happen. 

barton creek greenbelt 2011

we enjoyed a nice hike behind my mom's house on the barton creek greenbelt.

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