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summer is here and the people are out of control

school is out for summer 2011 

in a final burst of school parties and limo rides, summer arrived and we left town the same day.  went to pedernales falls state park.  they have lots of rules there, we might have broken a few of them.

pedernales falls may 2011

larger pic linked here

amh at pedernales

amh kids at pedernales 2011

dog off leash pedernales

yep, the old dog off the leash trick.

pedernales falls amh hike

many beautiful falls and pools to explore.

dog off leash at pedernales

larger version here

soldiers soak in pedernales river

my mom drove down to san antonio one morning, picked up a couple of soldiers, drove them up to pedernales and then drove them all the way back to base for evening formation.  they really appreciated the time off base and away from people.

flip flop recover pedernales river

this is part of the "no wading area".  but if you loose a flip-flop...  also don't want to litter.  and he'd looked a bit funny going back to base with a bare foot.

big rock pedernales

river rats pedernales

we usually spend the first part of the day hiking, before it gets too hot.  then we spend the afternoon soaking and hydrating in the river. 

lounging in the pedernales

the water level is low due to drought but the kids loved the plentiful shallow water areas.

runaway hat in the pedernales

I think there might be an exception to the "no swimming or wading" rule if it's a hat retrieval process. 

hat retriever

the retriever was a bit late on the effort, human got there first. 

betty in the river

green and orange themed camp

uh....yeah.  we like our camp site colorful. 

jalapeno margaritas

jalapeno margaritas!  I threw some fresh strawberry in for extra fun. 

army combat medic has first margarita experience

this soldier is from idaho, he'd never had a margarita. 

drinks of many color


park ranger pedernales

oh yeah, the park ranger had enough of us thumbing our noses at their "rules".  citations were issued for dogs off the leash.  it was while I snuck this pic, I had placed my iphone on the bumper of the truck, never to be seen again (so far).  it's ok, I picked up an iphone 4!  but I would like the pics I had just taken via the lost iphone.

fresh made salsa

kat making her much appreciated fresh salsa.

76 apache mesa orange white

our friends that often go camping with us have moved up from tent camping.  they found an 1976 apache mesa, a hard sided pop-up camper.  I called it the folding orange cottage (F.O.C.).  it collapses a bit like this....

apache mesa 1976 folding technique

apache mesa pop up

folding orange cottage

lowering the apache mesa popup

the folding and collapsing process took less than 15 minutes.

collapsed apache mesa camper

ready to roll and easily towed by a minivan.  they even have a/c in there!  we noted the F.O.C. has a similar color scheme as my 1965 econoline.

orange and white vintage van econoline

 I got most all the trims and bits back on.  used "Peep Mirrors".  I'd read they are too small to be safe.  so, I doubled up on my mirrors like the mods used to do with their scooters quadraphenia style. 

double peep mirrors

blind spot mirror peep econoline van 1965

applied a convex stick-on mirror to help with the blind spot issue.

we came home and our DSL modem/wifi promptly died after many years of service.  have not solved that problem yet...  posting a bit late via remote location.

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