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locally made vodka tasted. results were favorable.

marked vodka glasses

we line up four locally made vodkas, Tito's, Dripping Springs, Savvy and Enchanted Rock.  set out some appropriate mixers and let it all go.

fixins area

a decade ago, if somebody said that some of the best vodkas made in the world would be coming out of the texas hill country, people would've thought they were nuts.  but...  as odd as it is, these are really high quality vodkas. 

we usually have this post-holiday party two or three weeks after new years. but, kat's company holiday party was delayed till after the holidays (they were busy).  as result our party moved back to the same weekend as Carnaval Brasileiro and the Super Bowl. 

texas vodka martini

a few girls enjoyed martinis, even my mom had one.

martini mom

kat set up a custom fried crispy ball station.

eel and wasabi balls

you could select ingredients we had selected and she'd make them to order.  I didn't care for the sweet red bean balls.  I did like the stilton and scallion balls but the most popular ball in the room was the unagi!

wasabi and eel (unagi)

bbq eel and wasabi stuffed into a savory, crunchy rice flour panko coated ball.  YUM!


orange alligator loafers

and then there was the photo booth...  (pics below).  sorry to anybody I told I would not be posting the photo booth pics...  and especially if I posted your pic on facebook and then tagged you...  it happens.

amh photo booth

amh photo booth

mr domingo

and then just before midnight (why do the parties end earlier and earlier?) everybody was gone and we cleaned up and went to bed.

empty house

and the biggest testament to the purity and distillation of the locally made vodka, I felt well rested and no pain in the noggin come sunday morning.  we got up, loaded the truck with bikes and went to zilker park for a nice bike ride and rock climb. 

 zilker park rock

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