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austin snow day!

we had a winter weather event in austin texas.  I'll have to say this rare event seems to be happening about once a year.

snow ball fight austin texas

school was cancelled.  the roads had a coating of ice and blanket of snow.  a vehicle had turned over just outside the house so there was no question of the danger on the roads.

baby has first real snow experience

snow melts quick in texas

the sun came out just before noon and the white stuff started to disappear rather quickly.  we went out for lunch.

we tried to go eat dim-sum for chinese new year, GONG HAI FAT CHOI! but we found get-sum-dim-sum to be opening late, snow delay.  said they would open at 1 pm.  so we drove down lamar and stopped at 24.  I've been wanting to eat there for about a year.  a few other people took advantage of their open status to get their eats there as well.  waited over 30 mins for a table.

24 diner austin

the place was packed and #2 son took this opportunity to kick/poke/push me as well as the girls seated behind us.  any attempt to control his behavior resulted in a high pitched scream that disrupted the whole restaurant, I was held hostage by that scream.  still, the coffee and food at 24, REALLY GOOD!

kids on pause at 24 diner

these two were easy as we let them revert to their digital worlds.

vegetarian hash at 24 diner austin

kat was very happy with the vegetarian hash, it was delicious!

mussels at 24 diner austin

the mussels were also fantastic.

big beer at pluckers

we met with friends that evening.  #1 son had requested pluckers for his birthday.  we got there at 7pm and they said we had a 20-25 min wait.  we enjoyed large beers while we waited.

and wait we did...

the kids camped on the floor in the bar area.  they didn't seem to mind that we waited for over TWO HOURS!

mustard and ketchup tower

the manager dispatched free appetizers for our long wait and #2 son celebrated by stacking the condiments into a tall tall tower. 

condiment crash at pluckers

then he'd knock it down and build again.

#1 son was absolutely horrified when they sang happy birthday.  the brownie with ice cream helped smooth things over.

austin modhouse at night

violin test at westridge middle school

daughter had a solo performance for evaluation at westridge middle school.

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