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the vinyl revival and my delicate swiss turntable

I went into the media room expecting to enjoy some high fidelity vinyl pleasure.  we had purchased a 180 gram vinyl LP when we saw shearwater last May.

I was most UN-happy to find the stylus had been broken off from the Grado cartridge.

grado cartridge on thorens td 316

I had suspected the stylus was old and worn and I had intended to replace it at some future date, this event just caused that service to jump up the to-do list.

shure m97xe cartridge package

I found a great price on a shure M97xE from amazon.  it came complete with tool kit for installation. 

the delicate nature of this did make me a bit nervous.  yes, that is a mirrored disco ball in the background, never mind that, for now.

the new cartridge has a brush/guard for the stylus.

thorens td 316 tone arm

the prongs at the back of the shure cartridge are color coded, but to be safe I made notes of where each wire had been on the back of the grado that was not color coded.

and it sounds great!

freakin awesome laser

yes, that is a laser light show....  never mind about that, for now.

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